Can't remember the name of an old pc game

Hi, I'm trying to remember the name of an old pc game I used to play. It was a block pushing/match 3 game. Multi levels. As the game got harder, some of the blocks/bricks were made of metal or ice (so you had to match them twice), mis-matches resulted in other blocks popping up. It had good 3D graphics. I remember thinking [at the time of playing] that the name of the game would be a good name for a heavy metal band! Krillor or Tresillik or something (but I might be way off the mark with that one!!). One scene I remember had ice blocks and you had to collect a key, or keys, to go on to the next level. There might have been a little man pushing the blocks. Another scene had big tall columns of blocks and you had to match the lower blocks to eventually deplete the columns. It is so vivid in my mind - perhaps I should attempt sketching it! Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks! Ali x

I would put this in the Gaming Discussion friend.

Also, welcome to the escapist! Don't be a stranger to the forum games!

Sadly, I do not know what game you are looking for, like I said, make this thread in the gaming forum, keep this thread though, some one who knows what you are looking or might be lurking here...

Thank you for your guidance/advice! Greatly appreciated x


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