Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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Title says it all! How do you react?

*gets down on knees* Happy, will you marry me?

I love you random Smurf! I love you so much I...

why is the forest on fire? Doesn't matter! I'll love you no matter what you do! :D

@Evil_Smurf: I don't know what to I won't...

OT: I...I have always loved those eyes!

Oh hello there, can I buy you a saucer of milk or perhaps so nice fish?
this thread doesn't bring strange images into mind

I suddenly feel my unconditional love to a toy, oh well

There's a $20 on the table.

It's a different kind of love. One I can purchase from Smurfs, apparently.

20 dollars of Smurf love right here *gives bag* Don't snort it all at once

no that was not cocaine

Zapdos and Evil Smurf together? The force will destroy all peace.

by our powers combined....Captain destruction!

Happy and a smurf!? No! No Happy! *burns*

I don't think Happy will be happy with Zapdos. I think we're going to have to stop this before it gets started.


Hi, Lin~

Cutman and Zapdos? Isn't very shocking to see how much drama they can cut out.

So sorry cutman, I think I burnt you!

I always wanted to be with smurf...


*Sticks gum in their hair*

Evil Smurf:
20 dollars of Smurf love right here *gives bag* Don't snort it all at once

no that was not cocaine

Tweaking the hell out anyways!
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Dat neck..

I always knew I'd love a brain...I just hoped it would be my brain.

I married for the money and good credit score.

A man and a dragon cannot marry!

In some alternate universe, maybe. But NOT this one!

I didn't know Chrysalis was into taco head laywers!


I love dogs, do you do tricks?

I mean, besides flying ships...

Howdy there, city-boy.

You look good enough to eat!

I love tacos! *eats*
I don't know if I just committed murder or not...

You dirty little Ninja!
OT: Hm...don't know how this will work...

@Z of the Na'vi: I'm a sucker for blonde hair

@Neronium: It is, I'm still alive!

Killing big things is something we have in common

I have always loved tacos

So are smurfs edible? Would you feel remorse if we ate some of your kin/species?

It'd be over a candlelit dinner!

I...I always loved can this work...forbidden love

You know those dreams of a giant taco man?

Now it's real, our love can flourish!

I love beef tacos!

You'll have to shave, I can't love a women with such a noticeable mustache

so what would a taco eat over a candle lit dinner?

Probably roasted smurf, if it's ok with you

I mean, you're evil so...

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