Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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Oooooo a birdie!

I'll trade you this pistol for your pizza.

And I could sell the pistol for more pizza! This is a plan

Yay! I've always wanted a cat!

My own thing!

I will love it and take care of it forever!

I always loved power...and tacos.

Where as I love cats. YAY! all happy

Happy is my name...and I am happy...being with you...and pizza.

Pizza is my name......Wait no it is'n't. Anyway Meatlovers pizza is good for you?

I certainly love meat lovers.

... She's fallen in love with what appears to be a cat... Uh...

At least your not the pyro.

Umm What are you?

Our paths cross again!

Why would I fall in love with a cat of all things? Mangy little...

If the next user is wondering, my avatar is a Dalek, the alien inside the shell

That pulsating flesh turns me on...
(BTW, I see this thread derailing quickly -_-)

At least you'll provide intelligent conversation.
Now where did I leave that mind reading device?

That like the flame of my passion for you!

Passion is a word for it. >///>

I shall write a love song from the blood of your enemies!

I shall curl up in your lap and lay on top of your keyboard while eating pizza

So cute!

*scratches behind ear*

You have a lot of pizza...

well you know what they say about lots of pizza? Lots of pizza parties

The escapist should totally have a pizza party!

yeah! complete with LAN

And WiFi!
But mostly pizza.. :ifyouknowwhatimean:

No no no.

What they should have is cake. Lots of cake. Everyone loves that.

Ice cream goes good with cake.

Ice cream cake.

you know who hated cake? Hitler. Don't be evil, eat cake

What if he liked cake?

science proves otherwise

Do you think a ring could be made for a paw?

That would be heavenly! :D

If an owl and a cat can buy rings for each other, why not?

I don't see why not, though when should the wedding be?

in a Spanish vinyard

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