Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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Eh, I guess they'd make a cute couple.

Hmmmm~ Tacoman~~

Kotomi-Chwaaaaaaaaaan~~ (Or is that Kyou? Damn my memory is bad)

@PsychicTaco115: The idea of canabilism by association is so evil it makes me happy.
@ZehMadScientist: Are you of age cute anime chick?

Evil blue man? Better than a Navi!

You have better facial hair then me! Kinda jealous

Do you have a smurf coming out of your pants or are you just happy to see me?

I needed to know the future.. of my growing weight problem.

The pink hair provides a beautiful contrast... beauty...

My brain is radioactive!

Does that make me a zombie?

*fends off creepy gropey arm* I saved you from a hentaish future

Zombie? Where?!?!?

I can animate the dead.....

I hear hell is the perfect place for a honeymoon!

*eats taco*
Did...did I just commit murder?

@PsychicTaco115: How do you feel about inviting murderers to the wedding?
@Neronium: I murder all the time

I'm open to it

How do you feel about me inviting an orphan we call Jesus?

better name then Harry Potter I suppose.

Well, he's obviously going to hell because of witchcraft!

Our reception will have millions of the damned :D

Janis Joplin can sing for us.

She can!

Now, we have to decide on best men

I'm clueless

*gasp* Tacoman is flirting behind my back (I THOUGHT WHAT WE HAD WAS SPECIAL!!?)


Open relationships are what the Tacoman is all about

You can't tie the Taco to one person/thing/place/dimension

let's open relationship up in this bitch!

Hell yeah!

That's what I'm talking about

All three of us will get EVERYONE at that singles bar

I approve, strangely.

I see horrible fanfics in our future. ._.

"You're one of them, are you. Hoping I'll slip up, try to, hrm, LEAVE? Well, I can assure you, I'M NOT QUITE READY...yet."

Something like that, or along those lines.

fan fic Smurf would write fan fic, I only be evil

Oh god, fanfiction or a smurf and a blue cat...why would I not be surprised if I ever saw that?

Cat! o.o

Can you share those headphones? I love them and mine are broken.

Your sword is so pointy...

NOT an innuendo!

*Resists taco innuendo*

*dat purple!* I love purple

dat pose

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