Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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Why not?

We will make adorable dragon kittens together.

Let us make adorable blue dragon kittens who will star in our sitcom!

let's all make adorable blue kittens!

Adorable kitten dragons are best.

that does sound good

I agree, let us make fluffy blue dragon kitties!

You know how much I love kittens!
*head twitch*

*stares blankly into it, unblinking*

wait.....why are you not animated?


I must hold this kitten.

I love you, but since you appear to be otherwise engaged, I shall instead propose to your sister, and if she refuses, why, I shall simply ask her best friend.

You are in love with your mother, not me

I love you, no matter who you are!


Oh, who's a cutie-wootie-kitty? You are! Yes, you are!

You need a hat.

Can I have a hat too?

That's the fluffiest dog I've ever seen.

I love that...grumpy face!

The new avatar is so cute

The end of the world didn't happen! Now we can share our love forever!


*cuddles back*

we cats gotta stick together

I will by all the Snappy Tom in the world.

Old men are not attractive, but you'll do.

I'll take it!

I don't like rain!

Merry Christmas!

I love you...more than I love my presents!

I love your presence

Love Cats da da da daaaa

Love raep face cowboys!

Nuu rape face

You are wondering around, looking or something?

Well you heart!

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