Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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*gives Tizzy a hug* He did not mean that, He was just having a had day

I know, come here Shawn *hugs* All you need is one else...*whispers in ear*Forever! You will come


His love is tainted!

Nu-huh! Why would I want this Taco head bozo when I have my puddin' Mistah Jay?

Because, you know...

Why wouldn't you want me? I have a decent job, witty, etc.

And if you get hungry, you can eat some of my head!

hmmm toasty taco


Wasn't he in Mortal Kombat?


@Tizzy: Did you say "Shawn" YOU HAVE NO CHANCE NOW!


Also Taco...I can never love an enemy. V_V

@PsychicTaco115: You forever!
@StormShaun: That is what made Romeo and Juiliet the classic it is today.

It never would have worked between us...


At least I have Evil_Smurf *burns* ouch...

I want you to perform an exorcism...

In my pants

I want you to perform an exorcism...

In my pants

you so funny

Is that a compliment?

I don't want to be in an abusive relationship

I value your humour *faints*

I can't detect sarcasm through texts

It's my one weakness

And I've been hurt too many times by other users


Well, that depends on how you interperet the cover to Wish You Were Here.

Is it the manifestations of a man's good and evil sides falling in love with a Taco Don?

Or is it a good musician and an evil music industry agent/executive falling in love with a Taco Don?

Why not both?

I'm sure there's enough taco for everyone!

I can't perform an exorcism...but I could probably kick the crap out of the ghost! That's romantic right?

ghosts can't be hurt with pysical attacks, they are hurt with special and ghost attacks however. Trust me, I know Pokemon.

@Evil_Smurf: Pff, Pokemon, my demons can smash those ghosts with their magic! I think Shin Megami Tensei!

I can smash anything, with my love.

I can smash anything with my cuteness!

That's your new foreplay costume for us

Also, what is love?

Baby don't hurt me, no more

Haliday is love

I think our avatars would get along quite nicely, your smurf can go do his evil things and my cat would simply not give a fuck as he's to busy being awesome.

My cat would attempt to be friends with you! and then perhaps marriage! *rushing it*

this may be my tiredness but Yes Tizzy! I will marry you! And you and you! *faints*

*Gasp* Multiple wives! How dare you *picks up glove and smacks you with it*

*goes to pub and compains how women are strange*

I'm sure we can all get along...

It can't work out! D:

You're tall, I'm tall. We're both demons. It's crazy man!

I command demons, part of my evil role. Also crazy

@TizzytheTormentor Sorry but cat isn't ready to settle down, he feels your going too fast and is bringing him down, he wants to go separate ways

*pats cat's head* Da'www it's so cute.

I'm sorry but I prefer a more feminine body type. Preferably human or demonic. Thanks for trying though.

Those lines.. so sharp. like my intellect.

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