Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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You're so beautiful. I could just eat you right up.

Dear scorptatious.

I like the purple aura that surrounds you...the fringe and your sexy cloak!

Love Tizzy...

You should see me without the cloak. ;)

I can take you to dinner. We can have pizza :)

Ooh... pizza! :D

...what happened to all the pizza? :/

He ate it, I can share one...

Happy cat, happy turtle... I think it could work out all right.

Well, I'd imagine he travels a lot of places via the currents, and Calista here would like to see the world, I guess it could work out. Of course the whole turtle thing could complicate things.

I dunno, I think turtles could be quite good lovers. They have to be patient (what with being really slow), and Crush here seems like the type that would want nothing better than for his significant other to be happy. And sure, traveling together on the current would be quite lovely.

As for the bedroom... Yeah, I'm not gonna comment on that topic.

cats do'n't like water, how will this work?

Who knows? But you really should eating the pizza. D:

We can hate timezones together...forever...

You've tamed my demons.

(I feel dirty for saying that)

That dance is so... Sexy!

Good god, dem pixels...

Dem eyes.

Dat hair O.O

Dat cloak.

Dat suit.

I hate cats.

but...but...I love you!

I...I love...

...that pizza! Yeah, that pizza...


I love pizza too! We the cutest couple ever!

We shall dine on Ham and Pineapple!

and avoid anchovies!

I prefer a pizza with just cheese.

I love you... i guess I'm a necrophile now =W=

Cats and zombies...sounds like the set up to a bad joke, but you and me can make it work!

Huzzah for 5000 posts!

Well this is quiet creepy

Huzzah for 1829 posts.

It gets even more creepy.

Sarah Kerrigan:
Well this is quiet creepy


OT: YOU! You were at that graveyard! I remember! Stuffs! O.O

Demon butler! Serve me some scones as a declaration of love!

*bakes scones* I <3 you!

I can't stay mad at him!

Even if he is a demon

Nothing in the world compares to your amazingly squinty eyes!

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