Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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Nothing in the world compares to your amazingly cloak!

Wait, I'm I high or drunk right now?

Wait, I'm I high or drunk right now?

Both :D Just don't do anything stupid you will remember

You just keep eating that pizza...I like that.

you really need dramatic music under that avatar

I'd be happy to oblige. Pizzas for all!

More pizzas! share...

Sure. Share.


Do I smell an anterior motive? Or is that just pizza?

Wuh? This..this is weird. I've never had..such a...such a strange attraction to a cat before. No kitty! Don't run, I won't stomp thee, for I seem to have fallen in love with you!
*scratches behind ears*
You like that baby?

That's purrfect. I can do puns too :D Ar'n't I cute?

That tickles me. A little.

I hate insects, they BUG me!

Love my funnies!

sweet cat on cat action!

Kitty! *hugs kitty*

*meow meow*

*pats head* You should be getting morbidly fat right about now. >.>

I have magic that keeps me young and thin.

I kept staring at you until I saw that red thing in the background. What is that?

I don't know. Meat or something?

Looks like lasagne to me. >.>


No one you should worry about deary~

tizzy, *gets on vended knee* i can haz teh nom?

I don't think I've fallen in love with you before,
but I fall in and out of love so easily I don't remember.

It's no longer a once in a blue moon thing. ;=;

I am constantly meeting you, it must be fate, IT MUST BE!!

It has to be man! What else can it be!? D:

a dream, like you. You dreamboat

So they say.

As to who they are, I cannot say. >.>

how poetic!

I can be poetic too!

Dear Evil Smurf
I am the earth and your are the sun, without you, I cannot shine!
Love Tizzy

Beat that!

Tizzy, you are joy.
Swirls of rainbow happiness.
Will I be like you?

beat my haiku if you dare!

Evil Smurf you are...
A wonderful being indeed
Am I perfect for you?

Am I doing it right?

Tizzy while you rhyme,
angels cry with happiness,
syllables cry too.

A haiku has five syllables on the first line, then seven then five.

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