Your avatar has fallen in love with the above avatar!?

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The pizza goes quickly with this one.

Hey cutie, I got a skull for you to put yourself into, now you have a mouth and you must know where this is going.

Let me take off those goggles *takes off goggles* AAAAAAAAAARRRGGGHHHH!!!??

...not interested *sobs in corner*

would pizza interest you?

How could you?! We were soul-mates! I bought you that pizza! I don't think I can love again!
*Runs off crying*

Come back!

Shh, all you need is me :)

I'll give you another chance. But if I see you with another avatar it's out on the curb with you!

so where are we guys? How did our avatars meet?

Psychedelic pizza-cat

I am great!

Hand me some pizza, lover-boy

I need to keep the music alive!

No thank you, everything will be messy if your filling falls out.

Get out before I stab you! AGAIN!

I love the way you stab

Baby, you a pizza eating machine!

You're always working on your empire!

You never have time for a nice snuggle... or for a nice ear scratch

I have always made time for a nice ear scratch!

But you're always tired and never seem into it like you used to

Is there someone else!? A demon, perhaps??

No, no, no, those demons are only my servants who do my bidding, no reason to be alarmed, you know how ruling the demons can be stressful...

All right...

If you say

I don't see this working out. I have an aversion to fire, you know...

Do you have an aversion to hats? Is that why you're not wearing one? Like me for example.

I have seen many hats before, you are magnificent

Do you have an aversion to hats? Is that why you're not wearing one? Like me for example.

What if I'm not a mage, though?
OT: How are you not getting sick from all that pizza? I don't think this will work out! You're almost as big as the house!!

I have always loved your hair and they way you looked at me!

I've always loved the way you... look at the sky. So dashing. o.o

Troublesome Lagomorph:
Le Snip

I am a magic kitty, who does not get sick or fat.

OT: is death as cool as me?

So you're a... magicat?

yep :P all cats are (but me more so). How else do you explain 9 lives?

I too am a magicat! I always loved that ribbon!

this is a magicat too!:

Yu Gi Oh~

It's been too long~

Tetris, you'll never betray me!

skeleton you will never leave me!

Oh you are so beautiful, Im going to take you right home Mr.Pizza!

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