A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Tizzy, get that exorcism started!

I'm a taco, not a priest!

Dammit Taco, I ain't an exorcist...*proceeds to summon demons and kick the crap out of the vacuums soul* EXORCISE THIS!? *punches vacuums soul*

The vacuums soul has been vanquished, what is my reward?

A scratch behind the ears!

And a cake we made for you!

And a car!

Why the hell is there a car in my room? Why did we bring a car? Where dose tizzy find these demons? Why dose everyone hate the vacuum so much? Why can't I stop asking questions? Where is the T.V remote?!?

No! My badass Master Sword replica. D=

It lived a rich life. Forged from the remains of a vacuum cleaner, got possessed by it and got it's soul's ass kicked by summoned demons.

There is only one question that matters... Go back up the way we came or keep going straight and end up in China to join the circus?

I propose China

Though they do eat dogs, so Pepper should stay on the drill

We'll say that if they try to eat him, they'll start a holy war or something

I have a handgun. I think I can take them out. How many can there be? 20? 30 at most?

Sure, whatever you say

Just try and be inconspicuous, ok?

No one wants to get Chinese water-tortured

You know, if we changed trajectory slightly, we could arrive in Australia! Or New Zealand! I think. Wait, where did we start from again...?

Let's say we started in Antarctica!

Would explain the cold.

Let us go to Mother Russia! I have need of sizeable amount of BORSHT!

No Wagginton! First center of the earth! THEN Russia! *Hopes to find a powerful demon to tame in the center of the earth*

After this, let's go to Mars!

I hear it's fabulous this time of year

Yeah! But first, how much longer till we reach the center, what will we do?

Be amazed, I guess

I mean, it's the center of EARTH

I bet that's where we'll find the secret of plate tectonics

We could do anything...destroy it (therefor, destroy the world) Live in it (making it our base) or just party and leave (I am all for the latter) I hope I find a strong demon to tame (Para keeps getting away)

Why would there be a demon...in the center of the Earth?

A swirling vortex of magma and solidified metals giving off ludicrous amounts of magnetic energy. Why WOULDN'T there be a demon down there? It could be literally Hell!

Anyone else ever read the Inferno?

Maybe it's like that except really, really cold!

I'm a general, I'm too busy to read!

But reading is good for you!

How else would you know what to do in text based situations?

What would you do with me? I'm a walking hunk of text. am I not good enough for you!?

He didn't mean it, he just forgot

No need to hate someone over a small lapse in judgement, right?


I CAN read, I'm just so busy with my army that I don't frequent it.

But books are what keeps your mind sharp!

It's the most important weapon in the human body!



Do you use books as targets?

I use anything that isn't my ally as a target.

I'm just gonna... gonna go over to Tizzy now. For something COMPLETELY unrelated...

You always go to Tizzy, the rest of us are capable pet owners!

Hole on...

Pepper, do you believe in pet ownership?

I'm just not sure whether or not Pepper considers me an "ally," or an "inconvenence"

He can't hate you!

You're the team mascot of sorts!

You're an ally, block of text! Anything on this drill is an ally...unless we have another vacuum.

I'm sure they'll think twice messing with you

Is it me, or has everyone else seem to have fallen into a trance? They're not doing anything...

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