A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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*gets in* Ready! Captain Tooru! *sits in swivel chair and spins*

"Ready and set, commander!"

*leans back in recliner*

"I'm in!~~ Don't you all think this is exciting?

Also, I've been wondering for a while now, but why are we going to Mr. Center of the Earth again?~ I'm sure he is a nice person." :3

@Mayushii: I'm excited, I hope he is nice, hopefully he has lots of fish!

"WAIT!!! can I come?" :3

"We're going there for absolutely no reason. That's right, none. And yes, you can come."

"Quiick, get in! Run Fluffy, run!"

*runs in*

"yay to the earths core for no apparent reason!"

"What if we miss and end up in China?"

"Then we'll join the Chinese circus."

"I love the circus, with all the colors and acts...

Except clowns; they're too happy for my liking."

*Pulls out a clown outfit*

"Alright, if we end up in a circus I have my back up plan!"

"Dude, you used to be a clown or did you kill one and steal the costume?"

Taco looks at the rest of the crew

"So what about the rest of you? Any stories?"

I don't remember how or why, but I "Borrowed" it from the last circus I went to...

"Do you want to now how I got the middle name 'Glasses'?

I bought a pair of glasses.

And my mother's surname was Glasses also."

Enough banter, shall we go! *swirls around in excitement!*


Let's penetrate that ground!

Penetrating ground now! *hits random buttons*

um... should you really be hitting random buttons like that?

*sitting in captain's chair* ._. .....

Captain's Log, Stardate 3.1415

"Starting our descent into the Earth. What kind of treasures will we find there? Only time will tell-

Tizzy, what are you doing?... You really think you should do that? Just don't press the big red one, ok?"

Tooru yells at Happy to stop doing that, and wonders why the drill has suddenly stopped moving.


Hmm, maybe the drill has stopped because of an engine failure.

*spins in the captain's chair*

Maybe you overheated it?

Planet Express' logo plasters itself on the wall. Er.. with the Escapist logo beside it.

"Should we send someone out go see what's wrong?

In that case, either straws or a vote to see who goes out."

Tooru votes for Happy since it was probably his fault.

No! I vote for Tooru since he is the captain and should be getting us out of this, also, I only hit the buttons related to the coffee maker (which still works)

*makes coffee*

Yep, still works!

...Why'd I make this? *places coffee on a table* free coffee!

Tooru slaps happy and throws the coffee on him "I'm a girl you idiot!"

Sorry, I feel ashamed! The coffee still works!

Well, this expedition is going swimmingly :3

Captain Tooru is being mean to me, even though I just finished fixing the drill using the demons I summoned out of my COMP, I am a demon tamer after all...

We are ready to go...

*Staggers into the crowd of misfit tunnelers and tries to act casual*

Alright! let's try not to break the engine again!

I don't wanna be stuck inside a layer of rock >.>...

*glances at the new comer* >.>

*Has been here for a while, was just standing over there(

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