A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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I'll just my MERICA powers to distract the officials!

...But now you're pyramidtacohead! You Merkin powers are gone! I guess you have the whole Eisbrecher's Angst thing goin' on though
Scare the shit out of 'em! I'll just be over here trying to not get arrested for WMD proliferation.

I'll just give them Freudian nightmares

That will get the job done!

Who needs passports...when you've got SWAG.

I didn't actually want to do that...I'm sorry...

Who needs passports...when you've got SWAG.

I didn't actually want to do that...I'm sorry...

Oh God! You sound like Daystar. *smacks*

OT: Apparently Taco is giving everyone nightmares. I guess we just help ourselves to the food.

@Taco: Can you limit your psychotic kinky dream rays to the non-food industry types? Thanks.

It's ok, we all make mistakes...

Now we just have to sacrifice someone who says stuff like "SWAG" and "YOLO" on a daily basis

*Portal opens up and Tomoya exits*

So...what happened while I was gone!?

It was a joke! No need for sacrifice. Especially since they eat my kind down in China.

*Portal opens up and Tomoya exits*

So...what happened while I was gone!?

We went through all the circles of Hell, beat up Satan and we're now on our way to China!


So...did we go past the centre of the Earth.
Damn it seems like I missed a lot.

Also...*Punches Taco* ...I forgot to say why I would do that in the others thread...
I punched you because I forgot to say why I punched you!

@DJ: You do look...tasty right now. Quick apply this sun screen... *Gives DJ BBQ source*

It happens

And DON'T eat Pepper; we need him!

Also I punched you in the other thread as an apology...I'm thinking I should do it in this thread again to even it out. (If I did this I would be stuck in a loop)

...Never mind that. Why do we need Pepper. He would look delicious with that "sun screen" on.

@Shaun: He's our mascot animal a valued crew member!

What about that blue cat? Is it still around?


Let's make fake passports before we reach our destination!

Wait, mascot? I'm the captain!

I bags deputy of moral boosting!

You're all marvelous bastards and I'm proud to serve by your sides!

Screw passports, let's just pretend we're Triads, no ones going to mess with us if they think we're Triads, except other gangs of course, but that's hardly going to stop us... Right?

@Pepper: Make like your avatar and deal with it! I'm the captain (Called it as soon as Tooru (Dango) left) You can be first mate!

@Everyone: I like the triad plan! Let's do it!

Ok, how do triads usually dress?

It needs to be fashionable if we want to hook up with some fine young ladies there!

Triads dress LIKE BOSSES! But we don't want to attract attention from the actual triads.

Yes, we should look our best to get some lovely ladies!

And, as the Captain, I shall dress as the lead boss. You catman will have to...Deal with it.

You really don't know when to quit do you?

Everyone ignore DJ's claims, he is a little...confused about his position here.

Well then! We seem to have arrived, everyone! Let us go get some Chinese food! (And talk to the ladies)

And if we're captured, just remember...

I won't judge you if you blame it all on Moon Ray Cosmic Whatchamcallits

Now have a scape goat! We are truly ready to explore China! Dibs on the fried rice!

I want to see that Ipod factory where the workers revolted!

I, as the captain, because quite clearly Catman is deluded, say we should all decide what to do first.

We need to dress like this



*rocks a sharp suit*


Look your both wrong... Taco is the leader.

@DJ: First mate, I said drop your claims! You may have been a captain (general?) before, but for now, we are to dress like triads and explore China! Now shut up and put on your outfit.

Can I shoot someone yet?

First we make sure we fit in with the triads...

...done, let's get shootin! *pulls out SMG*

I don't have to obey your claims, as you are not captain! Nor are you first mate! Tacoman is!

Can we please get some Chinese food and ladies before we destroy China?

*Sort of appears*
Ooo - can I be leader? I'm a good leader.
*Stands tall with chin pointed in air*

Sorry Nantucket, I'm leader and Catman here is delusional.

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