A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Should we enlist an army of mercenaries to help control the public?

Hook them up with some bottle caps, everyone wins!

Does my objection count?

*Grabs Karcentric*
Would you say your head heavier than your feet? I don't want to damage the lock and then have to restart.

Wait, I find a bobby pin...

Want to try and lockpick the door first?

Don't take away my fun!

Huh, seems the door's unlockable with a bobby-pin...

Sorry karcentric...


The demonic super skull you got should protect you #obvious bullshiting

Maybe we should of knocked first?

*headbutts door*

Maybe I trying a running, flying headbutt one side chaps!

*backs up and charges at vault door jumping and headbutting it, than collapses*

Did it work?

I hear voices on the other side...let's hope they aren't on to us...

@Tizzy: To us breaking through the door? Or us breaking through the door to rob them blind? Because the first part is already kind of... well... we done goofed.

Hopefully they don't suspect anything (or have legit resistance).

*Door blows*

Karcentric's skull worked!

Who wants to go into the hornet's nest first?

I say we throw a grenade in there, just to be safe!

I say we push a certain magical taco in there...

Who's with me!?

Taco, you are ordered to take point, the rest of us get to chat and remember the good times...

And loot...

*stands up*

No that honor is mine!

*let's out a blood curdling warcry and charges into the crowd*

One side midgets...

You were all content to let me die!?

I'm the prettiest though! D:

*swings claws wildly at vault dwellers*

I said hand over your shoes! NOW!

*Leans back against wall with a cigarette hanging limply from mouth with foot against the wall*

I'll just wait for you guys to do enough damage so I can in with full-health and look like a Rambo.

That's how I roll.

*steals everything not nailed down* These will be awesome ornaments! We can sell the furniture for lot's of cash for our space adventure!

*impales another vault dweller with horns*

Hey! Those like my shoes.

What should I steal? Aha!

*looks around and picks up a toothbrush*

Well, well, well, more things to steal! *steals even more stuff*

We should almost be ready to leave for space!

*Wanders in and picks up scrap metal*

I can fix the rocket if it breaks down :D


I must possess them all! :D'

*Steals all the bottle caps*

The bobblehead is mine! Mwahahaha! Hey look plus 10 to medicine skill... Does that mean I'm the resident Doctor now?

I guess so...


I got a papercut! DX

*Spy appears behind Taco.
Contemplates briefly about warning him of the situation. Losing a valuable member would be sad but then on the other hand... he possesses all the bottle caps. This requires more thought*

*sits down and plays checkers with a vault dweller*

If I win, I get your shoes, if I lose, I get your feet.

Alrighty gentlemen, instead of journeying through the center of the earth and ripping shit up in China and Vault 101, we go rip shit up in other planets! Prepare to fix up the drill machine and turn it into a drilling spaceship!

How? I'm not an engineer. Also couldn't we steal the nuclear reactor as a power source

I donate all of my bottlecaps for the cause!

Plus, I want to get some space hookers!

Space hookers?
Count me in! I will be the engineer for some space hookers.

*Starts reading Space Engineering for Dummies*

I'm down for space hookers.

Maybe we should ask one of the survivors if they can do some engineering magic? Offer them a spot on our merry voyage or something?

Nah, let's just use the money to suit up our drill already! THE SPACE HOOKERS AWAIT!

And for that little pesky problem of no oxygen, I offer this solution:

Hold your breath

Can I be Captain?! I have a toupee and a yellow shirt lying around.

We had arguments about that before...

...but now that DJ seems to have ditched the crew, I can be captain now! Nantucket can be first mate.

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