A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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*comes out of bedroom* The alien women are in there...and what fine women they are! *wink*

*looks around, notices a shocking trend*

Uh guys... these aren't ladies, they're cross dressers.

*quietly leaves*

*Awkwardly leaves after Karcentric*

This is your fault. I told you I didn't want to pick up hookers!
Can't we go for lunch instead?

*buys a basket and a rug*

I'm going on a picnic!

*buys a basket and a rug*

I'm going on a picnic!

Let's have it on top of this thing!

We can fight off the space ants that try to steal the food too

But I didn't get any! D:

I can't even do THAT right!

Do we have sandwiches? I really want a Luncheon and butter sandwich!

We'll each bring something!

As well as my basket and rug, I'll bring a Barrett M82 to deal with the ants.

*Gallops past on horse, snatches Karcentric's picnic accessories and races towards spooky tower building thingy*

Last one there has to jump off in failure!

*uses aera and flies towards spooky tower with fish and chips*

(Aera is a magic Happy can use to sprout wings and fly)

I'll just walk there

You know, because....



*takes a running jumping*

Beat ya'll...

*Horse skids to a stop underneath Karcentric's belly*

WOO! I WIN! WOOO! Victory dance of the horse! Uh I mean-- *Lowers hat* I suppose I did mighty fine but who am I to judge?

I wonder what coffee would taste like if I heated it with lava?

What could go wrong?

*finishes Fish and Chips* Who got here last?

Uh oh! Nantucket, go jump off in failure like you suggested!

Where's ToT and Taco?

Hey look, there's one of those ants...

*lines up ant in scope and fires*

Back fiend!


Never try and run with a breathing mask

You'll have a bad time...

But hey, I made it!

I wasn't last!
You insult my honor *Throws lava coffee in Tizzy's face*

Haha! Good thing I was wearing this protective skull!

Looks like Taco was last after all! *directs Taco to the cliffs*

*pulls off Stone mask

Hah look I can use this mask as an excuse to say I wasn't last was here the whole time!
You guys didn't even notice I wasn't here me sitting here the whole time

Tough luck taco. Shouldn't have used your magic to transform into vader. He has asthma!

So. Toodles!

*Kicks Tizzy off the cliff*

Mind the giant space ants...

*fires at another one*

*sprouts wings and flies* Nice try Nantucket! You big meanie!

@Tizzy: You can Fly?

Why was I decided to be sacrificed?

Luckily, I brought a space hooker with me!

*Pushes her off cliff*

I don't which one of you gets scarified as long as it isn't me.

Where did these Space Ants come from? Imagine if the Space Ants are part of some revolution to overthrow the Space Grasshoppers. That would be sweet.

@T0ad: Yes I can!

@Nantucket: You don't which one?

You mock my typos?!
*Shoots one of your wings*

*All tacos take out a gun*

Let's try and be civil about this...

I don't know where the ants came from, a trans-dimensional portal?

*Tizzy falls landing on Nantucket*

*shoots another ant*

Can we maybe... Concentrate on the ants rather than shooting each other?

*takes out crowbar* I would rather smash the ants!

Or we could overthrow them and raise our own army?!
Think about - why kill them when there could be a chance to tame them? Or better yet, I once read that in 50 years insects will be the main food resource. Now.. if we managed to rustle up giant ants? We'd make a fucking fortune!

As long as you guys don't try messing with F.E.V then I'm fine breeding the space ants.

Space Ant Crossing: Wild Planet?

I'm down with that!

*Whips out a giant magnifying glass*

This should keep those rebels in line!

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