A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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@xmbts: Schmooze with the crew yo! It's gonna be a long ride down! (if we ever start do we need captains permission?)

I'm not sure...*offers xmbts coffee*

Tooru thinks this Shmoozing thing sounds suspicious.

Tooru thinks this Shmoozing thing sounds suspicious.

By schmooze, I mean mingle, interact, talk with the crew! So? We starting this operation or what?

"We already started, didn't we?"

*looks out a window and notices we're going down*
Oh, so we did...are windows safe on this?

*Doesn't drink coffee, finds a seat away from a window just in case*

Wow, such a stable and smooth ride *makes coffee* Here have some! It will be a while before we reach the the center of the earth!

Yeah I didn't even know it was moving. *takes some coffee* Thank you Happy.

This drill must of been very expensive... hope its not a rental scence it'll probably be extreamly damaged by the time we finish o.o...

@Lynx: Not a problem, my demons can fix it! Reliable little dearies.

We are going at a decent pace *looks out window*

*Prefers naps to coffee and decides to fall asleep in the seat*

Well, I'm gonna go sleep for now wake me up when something important happens.
*curls into a ball and falls asleep*

*curls up* Yeah, good night everybody! *goes to sleep*

Taco looks at everybody asleep

"I could totally steal their stuff if I wanted... But I won't."

Taco looks out the windows as they drill deeper down

"If you steal my glasses you're an eaten taco."

Hmmm~ For some reason I'm craaaaavin' for Noodles right now~ You're Noodle? Lets be friends~!

*Points to the direction we are headed*

...What are those scary blocky blocky things over there?

*makes breakfast and waits for others*

:/ A minor character like suicidal bread is hard to get anything done. I'll just commit suicide ~

*wakes up*
Good moring everyone... *makes breakfast*

*looking out window while eating*
Maybe if we ignore the green things they'll go away? o.o...

"...Oh shit."


Tooru takes out her trusty baseball bat, turns around and tells the rest of the crew to make ready for a fight.

Just want to get the mood going...

Rainbow Dash uses Rain Dance!
Green Things -0


Tooru uses bat smash!

lynx is confused by the combat UI...


Tooru uses help on Lynx!

"Lynx needs help! Speak to me, Lynx! Are you alright?"

"You've turned into an Atari portable console! Let me revive you..."

Rainbow Dash uses The Snog of Life!
Lynx +69
"... Delicious."

"phew, Thanks Dash! Being a console was a horrible experience, with everyone touching you and not being able to control yourself." *Lynx shudders*

Lynx uses Scratch on Green Thing A!

It was semi-effective!

One turn delay

Tooru is happy that we have an elemental mage (Rainbow Dash) in the party, and follows this by using Furious Bat Beatdown.

Don't forget! I am a demon tamer *pulls out COMP* I'm gonna summon some demons! Come on out!

Victory is assured!

YEAH! Victory is ours! Let's keep drilling and give them the slip!

Tooru emerges from among the smoky remains of the evil aliens "Nice one Noodle".

Green things -1337
Green things were defeated!
All party members +9001 EXP
"Jesus, that battle sucked."

Tooru levels up, gaining a hundredth of a centimeter in height.

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