A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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*knocks everyone else out of the way in a rush to get the best seat*

Well, I am the only good driver, we will head to that planet that looks like tennisball!

*Points gun at Taco*

You will sit with your shell closed the entire way. I will not listen to your bland jokes.

@TizzytheTormentor I'm afraid that's a real tennisball sir, it's stuck on the windshield.

Turn the windscreen wipers on!

What about that planet shaped like a hotdog?

That my dear Karcentric, is heaven.

*Is flying beside the ship with angel wings*

Heaven...more looks like the home of the hotdog people.

They look like they want to be eaten... >_>

<_<...what...I'm hungry.

Well we could visit Taco's homeland, but he might hold it against us if we eat his family...

So many choices! I am landing on that planet over there, the one that looks burnt!

The Creme brulee planet...ARE YOU MAD!

We'll die a sugary death!

*Braces for eating*

It's okay, I got this...

I picked up a spoon when we raided that vault.

*eats way free of brulee*

My stomach is ready for all the indigestion it can handle, sir!


Did the planet change to Taco's planet.

Cause I see no toilet clogging foods.

*Pulls out spoon*


This is why I stick to good old fashioned rice and beans with a huge chunk of steak.

This planet is weird, what is there to do?


*Comes back*

Changed my form...

*Starts building a rocket out of Creme Brulee.*

Someone help me!

I can't cook for my life. Don't ask me for help with food based Rocket technology

Captch: Wide berth


Let's reinforce our rocket with creme brulee! We will either get protection from enemies or get eaten...

Maybe we should let the food go bad before using it to build with... Perfect defense shield/revenge mechanism?

I don't know much about building things, I'll stay on guard duty

You know, in case we aren't alone here...

*pulls out telescope* No sign of enemies yet! But I bet there will be...soon.

Body made from creme brulee...check.
fuel made from creme brulee...check.
cockpit made from creme brulee...check.

I think we should take off soon...otherwise the creme brulee people will come...with their hard shell and their delicious insides.


I think we should take off soon...otherwise the creme brulee people will come...with their hard shell and their delicious insides.

Why are we running from them?!!?!

I want fooooooooood *charges off towards the sapient lunches*

*follows ToT*

Unveil your deliciousness!

*bites down on one being*

They taste great, also they can't hit very hard or their arms break off.

Mmm! It is a battle of hunger! Keep eating! We will not be defeated! BUST OUT THE JAM!!

Can't I just shoot them with my gun?

I like shooting things with guns...

*throws a handful of one of the locals at Taco*

No, we eat and we will win!


Ugh...too much sweets.
Haven't had this much...since that one anime episode...

I can't go on~

*Picks up Shaun* A comrade has fallen! *charges at enemies* YOU WILL NEVER TAKE US ALIVE!!!

*Looks at Tizzy*

Got a paper bag?

...Ugh...cause it feels like I'm going to throw up.

Are you throwing up because of motion sickness? If so *hands bag*

Or is it because you are sickened by the sight of me? If so *uses bag to suffocate you*

Too much creme brulee...bleh

*Pukes in bag*

Okay now I feel better...here.

*Gives spoiled bag back to Tizzy*

Okay, I'm bored of eating these guys.

*hurls fireball incinerating the remaining beings*

Head em up! Move em out!
Let's go find Narnia or something.

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