A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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I don't see any portals t-

*Gets hit by a flying closet*

*Muffled sound* Found it!

Let us fly through the portal! Everyone, get into the ship! *Picks up Shaun and runs to ship*

Why is it so big?

That's what she said...

Our entire ship can fit through it!

*Falls down in pilot seat*

Well...it is made out of creme brulee.

Everyone should start eating again!

My stomach cannot hold any more creme brulee

No more eating! *Hurrrk blargh*

We go onwards into Narnia!... Maybe... I thought you couldn't get to Narnia if you were looking for it?

Enough! Through the Portal!! *flies through*

Narrator: "Where will our heroes end up? Who knows, but what we do know, is that our heroes are sick of creme brulee and their next adventure will be just as retarded amazing!"

*Accidently stabs narrator*

Whoops...my sword flew into him when I stepped through the portal...

I swear!

Oh well, he wasn't important anyway!

This new dimension looks...weird...

This isn't Narnia...
Hell this isn't even Kansas anymore!

*Alarm goes off*

Time to sleep~

Do we have a Location Teller-kajig?

Because I have no idea where we are >.>

Time to explore *looks around* I hope I find more blunt instruments, I lost all mine in the fight with all the creme brulees...

*jumps off ship sending up a shock wave*

I hope they have ice cream.

I don't know were we are but my katana is all right...

even though it is covered with creme brulee.

*Starts wiping katana*

Well, we must explore this new dimension! Let's go to the big ass city with the tree on it!

Dual assassin blades are awesome

I'll take to the roofs and provide reconnaissance!

What happened to your head...is it me or do I see a chicken?

Whatever...time for hardcore parkour!

No parkour for me! *sprouts wings* Let's get crazy!

...and by crazy I mean snooping!


I guess it's easier then parkour...and my stomach still feels sick from the creme brulee.

*Summons angel wings*

I vote we find another ship...or take it from them!

Parkour... Flying...

*runs ahead smashing a path towards the city*

*sees karcentric rampaging towards the city* Well, there goes the stealth approach...and now we are going to be hated...

Lets just say that we don't know him...he can do his thing and we can do ours.

*Starts to sneak away*

*goes with Shaun* We will sneak in!

*skids to a halt just outside gate.*

You want me to pay an admission fee? And there is ice cream!?

*throws a handful of brulee at the guard*


*walks casually into city*

((captcha: armageddon))

How did it know?

Derp-a-derpity derp

Wat is r going onz here, guys? :P

Well, karcentric used creme brulee to get into the city while me and Shaun were sneaking in...

*Looks at Taco*\

...anyone else hungry for some taco. >:D

Also we could use Taco to sneak in, he can derp his way in while we act like his bodyguards!

*looks around*

Where's the ice cream shop!?

I can haz stealths? :D

*Walks into lamppost*

No you cannot! D:<
*Picks up Taco and puts him in a plastic container*

Okay lets get into act.
*Suddenly is in a body guard suit and cool sunglasses*

Lets rolls.
*Walks to the guard post*

Guys I found a map!

Is there a X on it? It must lead to treasure... Probably... maybe... hopefully... Let's Go!

A treasure buried in the golden city!? Let's go find it!

Well karcentric. We're waiting! What are the treasure clues?

Don't worry, me and Taco are finally here.

*Releases Taco from his plastic prison.*

I vote we dig straight down to get there...we're pretty experienced in digging down. :D

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