A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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I don't care about treasure...


*stomps ground repeatedly*

*back from stealing ice cream stand* Here you go...

Let's move out and shoot anything that looks aliens

Stay behind me, I have regenerating health shields

A taco wearing Spartan armor! AHHH! *starts shooting at it*

Hey, don't shoot at me, shoot at the enemies!

Cortana, tell me why the clown shoots at me?


Oh right ;__;

I think that's Taco...but I do agree with shooting him.

*starts shooting everyone else*

Nobody shoots my buddy but ME!



*Sees Taco*

Ahh it transformed, it's the thing....from "The Thing"~!!!

*Pulls out a flamethrower and shoots it everywhere*


Stop using the flamethrower! You'll melt my ice cream...

Finish your ice-cream man! *takes out a steel pipe from bag* Let's wreck this dimension and take some treasure!!

*suddenly sees Thor from the avengers*


*Flamethrowers even more stuff*

Great, we have to fight Thor now?! *prepares pipe* Bring it on...

*ice cream melting over fingers*

Dammit, I'm not ready to fight Thor

*eats ice cream and gets brain freeze*

AHH! The ice cream isn't agreeing with the fiery red stone lodged in my head.

Did we end killing each other guys? *Shoots Taco a few times with pistol*


I'm the only one left. All alone... Quiet solitude... I must embark on a new journey. By myself this time. I must travel back to the center of the earth and set up my own pizza parlor. because I forgot what our last made up mission was and am too lazy to look back at the thread

It was probably meant to be this way. I never was good with people. You know, it's funny *shoots taco's body* I'd really grown to like this chaotic mess of a Journey. Maybe some day I'll recruit a new crew for my pizza parlor adventure. And it will be even better! With Blackjack! And Hookers!

I think we should...

*kicks Taco a few times*

First we deal with getting everyone back first.
Then we see if we go with your idea...or some OTHER CRAAAAAAAZY IDEA~!

*stomps Taco*

Or we could just hit Taco some more?

*backhand Toad and Storm knocking them back several feet*

That's my job.

This things still down here? do you know how much debt we're racking up by not returning this thing?
i see there are some new faces here. o.o

Don't worry, I have a nice Italian friends who were willing to loan us a ton of money, no questions asked! Oh, here is your cell phone back, their constant calls have been starting to annoy me.

Lynx has returned! We are no longer going to the center of the earth, we are now on another planet in a different dimension...yeah, a lot happened...

*Hits karcentric with a rolled up newspaper*

NO...bad boy...BAD!

Everyone should be able to beat up Taco!

thanks for my phone... wait we're not even on earth anymore?

O.o... How did I even get here?!?

thanks for my phone... wait we're not even on earth anymore?

O.o... How did I even get here?!?

Time paradox? I can't recall what we were doing...finding treasure I think...

Fuck I keep forgetting about this thread What is this! You're all Alive My bumping plan worked!

@Tizzy: Karcentric never let us see the treasure map!

What a douche XD

So we just started winging it with the left hand rule I think... I don't really remember XD

It was a map of the town...

*shows ToT*

Sooo, what now? Do we try to get to the centre of this planet?

Was there an X and riddles... or did we just convince ourselves it was a treasure map?

I vote...we get dinner.

Or we'll have to eat Taco for dinner tonight again. D:

At a pizza parlor?

Why does everyone take a perverse pleasure in hitting me?


I think someone assumed it was a treasure map.

I've eaten already! But there is always room for more!

I don't like hitting you Taco... Like I said, before:

*starts shooting everyone else*

Nobody shoots my buddy but ME!

This expedition has gone bust...let's get back to the ship and go else where...

I think the creme brulee ship melted...
And I couldn't take building another one.

Or even looking at any more creme brulee or I'm going to puke out a ship myself. -_-


Puke that ship out!

*Hits T0ad in the head with the creme brulee*

No, baka!


well, looks like we're stuck here then... who help me set explosives near the core so we can explode the planet as we leave?

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