A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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*Tosses the empty gun aside and wonders what other things may be lurking*

Tooru tells everyone to get back in the drill machine.

*picks up spoils* Coming captain! *runs back to swivel chair*

Pepper remembers being here before it was cool.

Tooru wonders what Pepper was doing while everyone else was fighting.

Pepper was drinking too much Dr. Pepper. He had to pass a stone and has been busy with that.

"Cool, you say?"

Yes, somehow we've stumbled into ice and we're drilling through it.

Pepper has no idea what's going on, but politely smiles and nods.

I feel like the Dungeon Master here, seriously. Someone else have their turn after this, please.

A wild Ice King appears!

Setting the mood now...
Ice King -1

"By God my moves suck."

You know we don't have to fight battles in every other post.

OT: Tooru uses Bat Throw.

Ice King -10


Happy sics demons on Ice King, Ice King is defeated, let us keep drilling!

I agree with Tooru, we don't need a ton of battle, especially before we reach the center which will be a while yet!

What happens when we get there? Blow it up like in that one movie?

Commemorative photo?

Group hug?

A Party?

How about all of those, except the blowing it up one.

A Group Hug Commemorative Photo Party?

sounds great, I'll make a cake!

Can we get pizza too?

Can't have a party without pizza!

I don't think Pizza Delivary companies deliver pizzas underground...

It never hurts to try!... Unless it involves weapons

We could always prank call them though

I think if we tell them to deliver to the Earth's core they'll think its a prank call >.>... how about nice home-made pizza?

But yeah, prank calls are fun :3

@Lynx: Indeed they are!

I wonder what our estimated time of arrival is?

That's a good question.

Since it's at the center of the planet, we'd be equally close to all of the time zones at once, therefore:


I doubt we get a signal all the way down here, so I think a homemade pizza is our only option.

So what toppings are going on the pizza?

I just like mine plain.

Lucky Charms.

Pizza flavor. >_>

Don't worry, I'll order one of each pizza

I'll promise to pay the delivery guy when we get to the center and leave him there

Solid plan?

Seems pretty legit to me. But are you sure they deliver here?

hmm... wounder if we can get of those "30 minutes or less or it's free" deals >.>...

Hope so, I don't think we have a lot of money down here...

Alright, we've agreed!

Now, this next question separates the men from the boys

Do we order online or through phone?

Does this rig even have an online connection? Or a phone connection...

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