A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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... I'm only letting Tizzy sit on my lap because I want my peanuts.

But it should have martians! Let's go...KICK THEIR ASSES!


*slams fists together*

*charges into cargo hold with flamethrower*
YARRRGGGG- wait what? They aren't attacking. Why are they looking at me like that? Why are they following me? Oh my. OH NO, THEY THINK IM THEIR MOTHER!

Oh and how long will the flight be? I don't do well in confined spaces for long periods of time...

um... tizzy, Why would there be martians on the moon?


So WILL we go to the thrift shop at any point?

Never got an answer...

If by go to the thrift shop, you mean, set up one and argue who runs it, yes.

You can't run it, you have a family to look after.

*looks at spiders*

Gah! How did they get out of the cargo hold?!

And more importantly...Are we there yet?!

@NoOne: Hmm ... judging by this window.

We're going to crash in 5 seconds.
Everyone remember the safety pamphlet?

... cause I doooon't~

Hey guys, I was in the toilet, what'd I miss?

Ooooh, what's that?

@StormShaun: You mean the one we used most of the pages to clog the toilets?


This has either been a long 5 seconds or everyone has been on such a adrenaline rush that we have had random banter.... or maybe the engines are out and thus the ship has stopped moving (cause that's totally how it would work)



What's happening?

@silentman: Judging by the fire and crispy creme brulee ...
I think we are current sitting inside a crash spaceship.

... well I'm out of here.
*Runs out of the ship*

Wait, where are you going? How is the ship on fire in space? WHO IS GOING TO RUN THE THRIFT SHOP?! WHY AM I ASKING SO MANY QUESTIONS?!

@NoOne: I'm leaving ... to ... to ...
I don't know ... judging by this indescribable ground ... I still can't tell.

I'm sure the spiders will run the shop and we are currently on fire because ... of Tizzy ... just blame him ... or Taco.
Yep ... good ol' fire.

...Seems legit. So where are those Martains? We don't want any competition for our thrift shop.



@Taco: Hmm but the ultimate question is "Do Martians dig giant robot tacos?"
Now give me a ride!

*Jumps onto Taco's shoulder.

Go my mighty steed, we shall bring liberty to these Martians ... by giving them TACOS!

But...But...I want a taco!... I HAVE A FAMILY TO FEED NOW!!!!

@StormShaun, I guess I can join you?

*eats way out of ship*

Well, let's set up a base here and search for something to clobber.

@silentman: There are two soldiers ...

We now kill everything in our path to meet the martians!

So we are making a thrift shop? As for martians, I dunno where they are, maybe in that dark and dangerous cave which I am not nudging Taco towards...

Good idea, we need to see if they have dangerous weaponry.

*helps tizzy "not" push Taco*

*watches the "not" pushing. then continues building the thrift shop from moon rocks and ship debris*

So...What are we selling?

Also, thats not a cave.

Let's sell.. That! *points in a random direction*

More moon rocks? Or perhaps you are referring to that martain spaceship?

Oh boy, while Taco is exploring the dangerous cave alone, we can play...I mean, explore the martian space ship!

So far the moon has been fun! We are setting up shop selling moon rocks and we have our cozy spaceship that totally wasn't busted by the crash landing!



Um...Tizzy? What are you doing in my shadow bed?

Okay, who do I have to kill?

We can start with hipsters.

Then ... we must go to Starbucks!

I hear that ALL the hipsters are there ...
It could even be their HQ!!!

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