A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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I'll make one of each, if we don't have either

So, how far down are we? It's getting a bit warm in here!

We're er... somewhere far down I'd assume, I haven't really been keeping track.

It's been about 5 days since this journey started, how fast is this thing going?

5 days? How can you tell? We don't even have a clock in here.

It has felt like five days. I can feel it in my ears.
*ear twitch*


Would it be wrong if I petted you behind the ears?

Or say "Who's a good boy?"

I'm a high ranking general, there shall be no such tomfoolery.

At least I hope not.

*Throws bone across room*

A floating text box suddenly appears, and catches the bone. The text box then sits in a corner and chews on it.

Hmm, this text box just appeared out of nowhere...CAN WE KEEP HIM! I'll feed and take care of him!

Fine fine, but you're gonna be the one cleaning up after him.

Awesome! A new member to the crew... or pet... I'm not sure which o.o

YAY! Let us welcome our new crew member! Text box!

Hmm, what do text boxes eat?...

Bones, apparently.

Daw, he's adorable!

What should we call him?

I nominate Ser Wagginton the Fifth!

*Brings out a bag of bones* Well, Text box is sorted for food, what about us...

@Taco: Agreed! Great name, but how about Wagginton for short?

Wagginton it is!

Now, I'll take first shift for night patrol

While you guys are sleeping, I'll watch over the drill and think of a cool theme song for the Night Patrol

*Puts blanket over Wagginton* Good night everyone...*falls asleep in swivel chair*

What rhymes with Patrol?


This could take awhile ;_;

Parole? Petrol? Stole? Coal? I have more if you need them Taco.

*A sudden TV appears and Yu Narukami (Persona 4) comes out*

Hi everyone!

*Looks around at crew*

What the hell! Let me out!

*Starts banging on tv which blows up blackening half of the crew*

I'd call Star Fox to kill this intruder...but I don't want to pay them such a large sum of money again. Ideas on what we can do with this?

We dig!

*Poses and pulls out a shovel and starts to dig...up*



F**k it, just f**k it


Dig faster! We need to make progress!

We are using the drill right now! No digging with shovels! You coming Yu?

*Falls down*

Fine, I guess I have to work with you weird things to get out. *Pouts*

Okay lets get to work!

Sir Wagginton gets up from its nap, and looks at Yu pleadingly. Maybe it wants to help?

*A confused cold looking Yu looked at the text with his jaw open.*

I don't know how you walk or do anything but a lot of stuff around here is weird. Do you know how to work this drill?

We are in a huge machine that has a huge drill built on it, heading towards the center of the earth! (what we will do there is anyone's guess, or Tooru already has it secretly planned) Basically we sit back and schmooze until we get there (which is currently unknown)

*Whistles* Here Wagginton! Come get the food! *Presents bones*

Waggington ambles over to Tizzy, hoping to get a bone.

We'll have a party in the center of the earth!

And it will be glorious

o.o... what the hell did I just miss...

um... Why dose happy have a bag of bones?!?

Who doesn't have a bag of bones? I thought it was standard issue protocol to have a bag of bones at all times.

Then again, I am a general.

According to this movie poster of a movie of the same name of this thread that has the same name as the movie on this movie poster, we should expect dinosaurs on our journey. And one of us is Brendan Fraser.

I call not being Brendan Fraser.

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