A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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Residents eh... That means we can slaughter them. Or be friends.

Friends. I vote for friends.

I was likin' that slaughter option. Is it still on the table?

How about we become friends ... with their limbs?

We're makin' Necromorph soup!

It's a very simple recipe just giblets guts and goop.

Hey guys, I said hello to one of them and they jumped up and tried to attack me! HALP! Be careful! They have LAZAH BEEMS!!11

...or a new chocolate bunny....sweet, sweet chocolate

Chocolate bunnies are terrible. They're made of inferior chocolate! They did you a favor XD

Pff ... C*dburys Creme eggs is where it's at. :P

*Eats one whilst watching*

Well, I guess I am alone on this one. Time to slaughter some aliens!
*Charges with his umbrella, using it like a rapier*

*grabs rock off the ground* I will fight too! *charges ahead and falls over, scraping knee* Crap, I'll leave this to you guys!

It turns out this egg is actually ... a bomb!

*Throws at enemies*

Why do my pretzels taste like coffee? It must be the work of EVIL! After we finish slaughtering these aliens, I will find the defiler of my snacks and end him! >:D

Where the hell are we? I'm not following anything that you guys are doing now. @.@

I think we are in an underwater city.

*Looks at bomb*

... hmm and that bomb is by the window.
*Presses detonator, window breaks and water sweeps Shaun away**

Well ... I'm leaving, weeeeeeeeeeeeeee~

Nooo! Now I will never find the culprit who defiled my snacks!
oh well. Guess we have to explore the rest of the city now. That kraken looks like trouble though...

Pff, ignore the Kraken, lets explore the most ominous building we can find!

But what if the kraken destroys the buildings?! D=

Ah, he won't, I slipped several tonnes of tranquilizer into his food, he is out cold, we can come back and deal with him later! For now, hijinks! *runs towards ruins*

Oooh ruins! They sound interesting!

*Runs to ruins*

Time to dig up some ancient techne I don't understand but can still do cool stuff with!

Call out to me machine spirits! I have powerful apps!

How are you running underwater? Are you a wizard?! O_o

And you would think an underwater city would be more connected. I guess there is a reason it is in ruins...

Water is destructive, don'cha know.

Personally, I have no time for swimming.. I might hitch a ride from a dolphin, instead.

I mean, dolphins are friendly enough, right?

They always save us from drowning and stuff.

All the dolphins are scared of the Kraken, so they all swam away :(

What about my shar- ...
Oh, I killed it. T^T

Yeah, nice going Shaun, now none of us can get a shark! They know! THEY KNOW!

Blame the anti alien shark league, they made me DO IT!
It's not like I wanted to eat him.

*Runs away crying*


What happened to the squid?

I'm pretty sure it took a portal to another dimension. That happens sometimes.

Yeah, that other dimension was been a thorn in our side for this entire journey...

Want me to seal it?

No, it just got a giant squid. I don't think feeding it a seal is going to do much.

I'm stumped. :-|

I'm a stump.

Maybe if we give the void a stump, it will become stumped and will go away!

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