A Journey to the Center of the Earth.

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We need to keep going, we're too far in now to stop!


We'll die trying to find the secret of the core!

Nobody will die on my watch!

But on my watch, results may vary!

*Kicks open the door to the utility closet*

Why do all the doors stick in here?

No, you'll release the vaccuum!

I just got it in there too!


*Holds Wagginton* I'm scared...

What the hell is going on here? o.o....
did some steal all the food?

@Lynx: I dunno, are we almost there or something?

*Waggington squrms out to look at something*
Hey, what's that out the window? I've never seen one of those before...

I guess one of us is supposed to start a battle or something, well it can't be me because I'm not really sure what it is you're pointing at out the window.

It... It's beautiful...

*Gasp* are we at the center of the earth!? I'm so excited! What do we do now?

I thought we were having a party?

No you fools *Takes out center of the Earth handbook* That's a... it's a hyper agressive Testudo Maximus! If we even try to fight it, it'll basically be a supposed to lose battle!

I hate those

Makes me feel inadequate as a fighter

Regardless, what do we do now!?

Flip it on it's back.

And how do you plan to do that?

Turn our monitors upside down. It works for me.

Alright, we need a plan that works for more then one of us. I say we sacrifice the vacuum, we need to make some losses to be the best. Heck, maybe we'll all learn a lesson out of it! All in favor of sacrificing the Infernal creature Vacuum?


Does anyone have some revives or Phoenix downs? I have a hunch this is an undead Testudo Maximus. Look at it's eyes!

"I have a lack of knowledge in Final Fantasy, so I'm assuming reviving moves are effective against undead.

Think, Dashie, think..."

Flashback - Aerosteam 1908:
"Lynx needs help! Speak to me, Lynx! Are you alright?"

"You've turned into an Atari portable console! Let me revive you..."

Rainbow Dash uses The Snog of Life!
Lynx +69
"... Delicious."

"That's it! I'll use Snog of Life on the Testudo Maximus!"

Rainbow Dash uses The Snog of Life!
Testudo Maximus -Infinity
Testudo Maximus was defeated!
All party members +derp EXP

"That was the greatest boss battle of all time. I regret nothing from kissing a giant turtle thing."

I still think sacrificing the Vacuum would've been ten times more effective.

In order for me to use that move I needed to disassemble that vacuum.




Great, the vacuum is gone, the battle was won, lets eat! *eats fish, fills waggintons bowl*

Time to dance!

*Party harding to the max!*

I dance the jig of my people, and get out the camera

Group shot! Everyone get in here!

Hang on, let me conjure up an image of me triumphantly slaying the great Testudo Maximus...

In the meantime, yeah, let's dance.

*pushes a button and a disco ball comes out of the ceiling*

so that's what the party button dose =O

Everyone... BEHOLD!
This is exactly what happened, no questions.

B-but... where'd you get the sword?

... From the pieces of the disassembled vacuum cleaner.


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