Apply a title to the person above you.

It's easy, apply a title to the person above you!

It can be a lords and ladies kind of title, it can be an online game kinda title, or it can be something wack.

For my part I'll give Yahtzee a title.

Yahtzee the Jabberwocky Bridesmaid.

denseWorm the Dense Worm.

I don't even know anymore...

Aerosteam the Artist formerly Known As Multifastis!

I don't even know...


Aerosteam the Artist formerly Known As Multifastis!

I don't even know...

DJ_DEnM The Eunuch

Lol, I used the 'artist formerly known as...' thing earlier today myself

Chief denseWorm, Ruler of all worms from the realm of dense creatures.

Arch nemesis is denseLion.

Eclpsedragon the Amazing Duke of Procrastination

I have no clue whether that's true or not, apologies in advance.

ZehMadScientist, Bestower of False Titles.

Nah I don't procrastinate, but apology accepted.

Eclpsedragon, the Paragon of Red Hair

Also known as the savior of gingers...

TizzytheTormentor the Tormentor.

I'm not bad at this.

Aerosteam the Artist formerly Known As Multifastis!

I'm so confused, who is Multifastis? You got the artist part right though.

@Aero: That's cheating! and redundant!

Aerosteam 1908 the Mighty Crayon!

*looks at avatar* Yeah, that will do nicely!

TizzytheTormentor The One with Magic Wings!

._. This works I think...

LynxParadox, the cat that causes Time Distortion!

Time paradoxes are fun.

Neronium the Skeletal Drainsnake of Glitterbug

Aerostream is unoriginal like blizzard.

denseWorm, the one with the sharpest teeth!

Hmm, looking at yer avatar, I feel it works...

Tizzy the Tormentor, World Champion of Competitive Staring Contest.

Eclpsedragon The Western Dragon of Eastern Indonesia.

LynxParadox, Matriarch of the Mammary-Snatchers

denseWorm, the beast with a million minds!

*smug satisfaction* Could have done better...

Tizzy the Tormentor, Escapist Certified Demon Tamer!

Sorry I'll try again...

Tizzy the Tormentor, Ambassador from the Land of Fairies and Tails


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