The avatar above you is now your parent!

Simply enough, let us begin!

Daddy, you owe me 18 years of presents!

No I do not, you already rejected them!

Also, why is my son a human skeleton!

*sparkly eyes* Daddy?

... why is my brother a skeleton!?!

How are you my father!? You're stuffed with cotton!

That's not the only thing stuffed with cotton, If you know what I mean... :3

This is turning out to be a dysfunctional family.

Captcha: Little bird told me.

Daddy, why don't I look nothing like you? Am I adopted?

Well considering LynxParadox is my father AND your father,
and I'm also your father,

I'd say this result makes sense...
I told you, we're a dysfunctional family.

This is what I get for time traveling drunk....

A cat...wait how did that happen? Oh God what did I do?

Teach me how to fire pure energy from my mouth, please.

...Well, this is an awkward situation. My parent is an animated pony.
Mucho confusion.


My dad stomps on kittens!!? *Runs to the hills* HOW COULD YOU! My son is a skeleton, he will beat you!


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