It's all pun and games until someone loses an (Golden)eye.

Basically, me and my friend were trying to think of sentences with games in, and it was fun, so I thought I would see if you guys would like it!
The object of this game, is to post the most punny sentance with a game title in, or making fun of the title, for example...

"I haven't played Amniesa for a while, I forget how it goes..."
"There's something fishy about CoD's yearly releases..."

Brownie points to anyone who manages to get two games titles or puns in, in one go.

I'm quite (Bio)shocked hardly anyone has replied to this thread, although you'll never know if it will (Halo:) Reach a large amount of replies or not in the future, it might go through the roof, or even the Sky(rim)...


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