We quote the dumbest thing we've read and the rate 1-10 on how stupid it is...

The title explains it all. Here are the rules:

1. We do not say who we're quoting, if someone figures it out, you can discuss it in a PM
2. No quotes from other users on the Escapist (other websites are fine though)
3. Books, essays, conversation, movies, TV, and others are ALL excepted
4. No Walls-o-Text, a paragraph is fine though
5. The funnier/dumber/rage inducing the better
6. If it happens to be something you agree with, keep it civil, or don't say anything.

I will start...

"If you use a weapon to defend yourself from deadly force, YOU are the one at fault and should be charged with murder, it is better just to except your fate than to take a less fortunate life..."

So, wait, are we grading higher if it's more stupid, or vice-versa?
Anyway, let's say 5/10 for starters.

"I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman"


That's random, but you had me trying not to laugh for a while.

"We should all quit chess as computers already kick our asses anyway."


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