The Great Related Chain

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Ok here's how this little game works: simply write something related to what the person above you wrote. Can be anything from one word to an entire novella so long as the connection between the two makes enough sense to be evident.

Have Fun! :P

I'll start: Waffles are delicious!

No, you fool, pancakes are where it's at!

It's all pointless without some bacon! :D

Let's put that bacon into a taco!

Tacos aren't psychic, you silly Escapist!

They are too me!

And silly? I detest that!

I prefer whimsical, you bombastic fox!

The quick brown fox is alleged to have done something, though does not recall what at this time.

He stole the cookies from the cookie jar and blamed it on the butler

You should never trust a fox, even if you ARE a fox

The detective walked into the crowded room. "And the murderer is... THE BUTLER! Yes, the Butler, who... wait, what was that... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!..."

Great, there's a murderous butler on the loose in the mansion and he killed the one guy with a gun

No... it wasn't the butler... he's right here, and he wet himself. The real murderer is on the loose!

Crap, where's a talking dog and his hippy friends when you need them!?

They could've been used as bait!

Bait? There's no better bait than live eels, mate. If we're going to stop him, we need eels.

Maybe if we tie them together, we can make a grappling hook to get to the roof of the house!

I hear that's where the treasure is, which the killer obviously wanted!

Let's go to treasure island! :D

I have one better; Let's go to Treasure PLANET!!!

And why is Linkara in the mansion!?

Why is he yelling "I AM A MAN!" at me?

I know he is!

EDIT: He's insane! And a man!

Maybe he'll come to Treasure Planet with us!


We're going to candy mountain Charlie? Candy mountain! Candy Mountain!

We'll go to BOTH! :D

We can buy the candy with the treasure we find!

AWWWWWW they took my kidney.

I'm sure we can steal get another one for you

Where's the nearest space hospital?

Between the black hole and the super nova if you passed the quasar you've gone to far

I need a robo-kidney... and cheese... at the space hospital...

@The Smoking Gun: the possibility of successfully navigating such obstacles is approximately 3,720 to 1.


@Lear'sFool: I'll make sure the best cheese is given to you

Maybe we can meet some asari, get comfortable...

AWWWWWWWWHHHHHHH YEAHHHHHHHHH, taco man. We gonna ride this solar surf all the way to Scoretown. Population: Us.

That's what I'm talking about!

Now, we just need some space condoms and we're good

Where's the nearest space pharmacy store?

Just past Beteljuice. We'll pick up my buddies Ford and Zaphod there.

And go intergalactic cruising, spreading the word of safe sex for all the aliens of the world

Me I'd go for some fine quarian ladys. No space condoms needed since their practically living in one.

Really, anything that looks feminine and is interested gets the Taco



I'm lonely

So am I, though not for long are we! Ah, there's Zaphod's pad, pull over. HE and Ford are comin' aboard.

Allllll aboard the party space train! *choo zooom!*

He's a Krogan? Is the genophage like an STD, or what?

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