The Great Related Chain

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I have a disguise, I'll go rob a bank!


I've seen worse!


I'll drive!

But I want to drive the gettaway car!

Fine, you drive!

I'll get the money!

*Loads an Uzi*

*drive off without*


*Takes out tracker*

Every time I try this, it happens...

No respect at all

I have plenty of GTA San Andreas... :(

Let's make a bet, when do we think GTA V will come out?

Late 2013!

I'm guessing 2014

That is if 2012 doesn't happen!

I will survive it! Because I am just that bad-ass!

I will survive!

And as it turns out, 2012 was just a mass marketing ploy for new disaster movies!

But they seem to make a new disaster movie every year.

I will my kids that the movie 2012 was a documentary that I survived.

I'm going to embarrass the f**k out of my non-likely kids by Gangnam styling everywhere

What will you name your kids Taco?

Burrito and Enchilada

I will name them after something I wanted...

Condom and something involving murder...

Katana or would you prefer something more modern?
If you have twins, you could name them Smith and Wesson.

How about Batman and Robin?

Such a good parent...

Wonder what my kids names would be...*ponders*

Name them something PRO-MERICAN me out!

Liberty and Freedom!

Stars and Stripes.

Fire and Brimstone!

Speaking of fire, I got Dishonored!


I know a bit about Dishonored.

I also know the blood effects are laughably bad.

I want to play it...but I have little free time to ply games that aren't handheld.

I never understood why vampires drink blood

Can they get AIDS from that?

Vampires are immune to AIDS and every other disease, they can screw around as much as they want ruthlessly and fearlessly.

Yes, the sexy times always go on with vampires!

They don't give a damn how many hearts they break for their flesh lust, or how many people they kill for their blood lust, they move on, and they live on, and the sexy, bloody times go on and on, as they roam from town to town, avoiding those who could hunt them down.

They're the whores of the old classic monsters

This conversation is kind of creepy.

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