The Great Related Chain

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Let's change it!

... bout dat weather?

Lots of rain.

Dy at the moment for me, in Ireland, it always pisses it with rain.

*Looks out window*

No rain in North Carolina!

All is well, citizens!

It's finally starting to get slightly cold.

Yay no more global warming

It rained like a motherfucker today... :(

Only in some places, you get used to rain in Wales, especially since the country still manages to be beautiful.

I might be heading to Canterbury soon, how is the weather there?

Surely it must be better there than here!

I mean.... Reasons!

Yes, justify everything you do with reasons, show the world how reasonable you are by coming up with a good reason for everything you've done, they won't think your some crazy nut who just does stuff randomly.

But they already DO

*Starts pelvic thrusting*

Starts 'receiving'........ the displaced air you perverts!

A hurricane must be hyper-perverted then, and a tornado super-slutty.

A hurricane must be super-perverted, and a tornado super-slutty.

Coppernerves double(ish) post was super slutty!

Do double posts count as two on post count?


But now, a word from our sponsors!

These commercials have been around a long time.

I love the micro machine man ads!

I think Hot Wheels ripped off Micro Machines, or vice versa...

Either way, someone's getting sued

Hot Wheels were still awesome!

Know what else is awesome?



I want dishonored, but must wait till at least christmas...(or October 26th if I'm lucky)

That's so close to Halloween!

We need to get the costumes ready!

I will go as a homeless man!

I'm still not sure what I want to go as D:

I will probably stay in for Halloween, I have a foghorn ready for trick or treaters!

Apparently my friend has a fake dead body he'll drop on trick-or-treaters

Me, I'll probably just buy my own candy and eat it

So Assassin's Creed III tomorrow!

I will wait for Assassins Creed 3 until Christmas! I will get the Wii-U version!

I care not highly for Assassin's Creed III!

Hitman: Absolution all the way!

The game looks alright, but I have never played any others in the series.

I played the first in the series and didn't enjoy it.
I haven't played any since and am unlikely to now, since they keep making a new one every year.

They only really made Brotherhood and Revelations to keep interest high in the series.

The next game I plan on buying is Ni No Kuni, but it doesn't come out until early next year.
We'll see if my resolve to not spend money lasts so long.

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