The Great Related Chain

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Who is a Krogan, Zaphod? Ford? Neither are.

My mistake

So what are they?

Now, let's go clubbing!

They're Beteljuician. Basically like humans, only some of them have two heads and three arms. Zaphod has two heads and three arms, Ford does not.

Zaphod can be the designated driver then

He's not going to like it...

You know? Let's go to L'Inferno. Giant skyscraper that's a club, great music, great booze, and when we're all wasted, we'll crash in one of the suites with hotties.

Make sure to bring towels you never know what might happen.

I have my panic blanket and my medicine, I'll be fine

Maybe we'll find a leprechaun there!

I got my towel. Let's go! Take a right at Proxima Centauri, blast past Earth till you reach Sirius. It's above the star.

God it seems earth gets blown up every other week whenever Zaphod's involved...

That's a damn shame.

Also, anyone got space condoms?

Alright, we're there

Now, where all the single ladies at?

We can all walk in a synchronized line with awesome music in the background; that will set the mood!

There's our tune. MARCH!


*Partying Hard Commences*

Waiter some ryncol on the rocks!
My lady quarian friend here will have a quadruple distilled daquiri!

And bring some tacos!

What, it's not cannibalism; I prefer to call it "smart resource management!"

Zaphod's got women on his tail! SCORE!


Now, where's the bathroom?

I need to squeeze the salsa out

The closest ones are on the fifth floor. We're on floor 7. When you get back, we're going up to floor 183.

I'll water the fake plants, don't feel like walking all that way

And elevators are nice things; they're always there for you

Tell me when your done.

Ok, I'm done

Apparently, the waiter didn't like my watering the plants

His lose

Okay. Up to Floor 199!

I don't think anyone would want their fake plants covered in salsa.

Who cares? In the elevator!

We're pretty high

And not from all the space drugs

I wonder what would happen if I dropped a penny from all the way up here...

You'd kill a Volus.


*heavy partying awesomeness sauce bacon*

Dance Dance Revolution!?

No way!

Man you know Kinect is where its at!

Kinect-in' the dots with hotties here at the space nightclub!

There's a Kinect here too!?

This place is awesome!

*slurred speech* Yeaaaaa do the Shepard! *dances akwardly in place*

Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa du duh Renagad Shepharddd!

*hiccup* nooooo we'd need a reportur to punch to do da Renegade Shepardd silly! *hiccup*

Great, I'm the designated driver now T.T

Ah well, I can still have fun...

Dance Dance!

Looooooooooooooooocccccccc, thers 1! Sheeeeeees gottt--got-gotfreid a camra! *PUNCH!*

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