The Great Related Chain

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You do realize by "my Lotus" I'm refering to "my CAR"!

Unecessary Linkage Activate!

I have no car

Maybe I'll go all GTA in the real world and steal one


Yeah, Old Bill begs to differ.

We just got into a bait car.

A bait car?

Will fishes swim to it if we drive it into the ocean?


The police planted this car so dumb-dumbs like us will get in and try to steal it, then they'll track us down.

Then we'll drive into the sunset!

Cops don't like sunsets

We shall try.

Lear'sFool attempts to evade police
Lear'sFool rolls a 20
Lear'sFool and party evade police

We escaped!

We've escaped but we've ended up someplace worse.



God help us!

That noise... dear god what is that awful noise!?
Cause it certainly ain't music...

It's the she-devils!

Run away and hold on to your soul!


Lear'sFool and party attempt to escape
Lear'sFool rolls an 11
Chase continues

Why is the Benny Hill chase music playing!?

We're being chased by the Spice Girls, obviously, except they also have deadly lasers.

Wait, quick! In the Mini!

Is it a boat, a plane, a car or all three!?

It's a Mini, a car. And we're driving it through Manchester, chased by the Spice Girls in their Mini.

Did anyone think to bring a weapon?

Like a rapid fire cane launcher?

Wait, I have a SooperGunTM I didn't steal from Sali last night at L'Inferno! Taco, fire it at the SpiceMini!

*Fires at the SpiceMini*


Your music is putrid and the movie was horrid!

The missile is headed for the SpiceMini! Roll!

PsychicTaco115 fires missile at SpiceMini
PsychicTaco115 rolls an 18
SpiceMini is hit
Victoria Beckham attempts to regain control of SpiceMini
Victoria Beckham rolls a 4
SpiceMini crashes and explodes; all occupants dead

Yea!! *Space Mini explodes* holy crap its raining fire and Razzie Awards watch out!

I always wanted a Razzie!

Not earn one, but steal one from someone who DID get it!

What a lucky day!

That's gonna win 'em another Razzie: Worst Death.

Well Taco better add that to your collection maybe we can use it as bludgeoning object in case we run into something else I'm sure there's enough for all of us.

I got Victoria Beckham's Razzie. That should come in handy.

I'll bludgeon ANYTHING

The vibrations up my arms mean I'm winning

Bludgeon that pidgeon. He's working for the enemy!

I can't reach!

I'll throw a grenade, it'll blow that pidgeon sky f**king high!!

Take this grenade! It only works on birds! We'll stop H5N1 right here, right now!

First the H5N1, then the WHO!

Nobody will notice them missing! >:D

Hmmmm.... I must beg to differ...

Spam the Anti-Bird Grenades. We will destroy them all.

Great, I hate birds

Flying jerks, showing off to us land dwellers :/

We'll teach 'em to infect our pork!



How dare they infect the pigs!

I wanted to make them fly, but now they can't!

Oh, shite, some captcha wants me to answer a bullhonkey survey question!

"Best Insurance Company".


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