The Great Related Chain

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Get out of the not Brovenger's Headquarters or you will be liquidated. Literally. Also, theres another security door anyways. Give up.

Well at least I won't be metaphorically liquidated... I guess I'll just go get wasted the easy way. All right Lear's you win... This time!

Baldur Moon used smokescreen!

*audible in the distance* Muahahah, to the bar!

I'm staying here so "Cookie Monster" don't try and whack me.

Probably a good idea... Getting killed by someone named "Cookie Monster" would be pretty embarrassing. I'm sure he won't stay angry for long though. I mean it WAS only one bakery; not that big a deal.

Wait... did you tell him I sent you?

I may have mentioned something about you wanting to "rule the baking underground" but I'm sure Steve knew I was kidding... Probably


Defence systems? Destroy him.

It's a good thing I'm chilling out in the bar down the street! Megaphones do come in handy from time to time

Missiles are headed towards the bar.

...Waiter! Check please?! No no keep the change! *Gets the hell out of dodge*

*Missiles are homing missiles, and home in on Baldur Moon's sorry bum*

"You both are my friends, stop this tomfoolery!

The REAL threat, as we all know is...


The machines...are rising...*hotwires one* LETS PARTY!

*Robot speaks*

"Greetings. Fisto is programmed to please."



@Taco: Get a room you two!

But there aren't any rooms available.

@Eclpse: Oh god why...

I don't want a robot!

Besides, he's a Mac

I don't want his virus becoming an STD

You guys ressurected the thread? But WHYYYYY? It should have ended with a cliffhanger of Baldur Moon about to have his ass shot to the moon, but you'll never know if it happens or not!

Because we're fun killers!

We hate fun!

And other such things

It is because we're aliens who are repulsed, confused, outraged by intelligent beings being so improffesional, so untidy, so unpatriotic as to be wasting their time with this... this "fun" sensation.

If you do not desist your ridiculous timewasting, we will simply stand by as your failure to reach the next galaxy gets you sucked into the black hole at the centre of this one.

This thread escalated quickly

Now we have to fight for our right to have fun!





*fires SooperGunTM at Anti-Fun Aliens*

Good, you guys decided to go in first

I'll do what any good general does; stay in the back and command the rest of you to die

Now go, die for your fun!

Auto erotic asphyxiation is cool.

@Ryan: Cool bro!

Cool, but what will we do with all these aliens?

Alien pie? Some blackberries thrown in will make this taste fabulous!

Eating aliens?

I don't want of those bursting out of my chest, make sure that thing is DEAD

*loads shotgun* We don't tolerate no chest bursters here...

Just make sure it's cooked properly and we'll be fine.

Alien Flambe?

I hope it tastes good

*cooks* Alright everyone! The alien flambe is ready! Come and get it! *serves*


Tastes like....

I can't tell. Can anyone else tell?

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