The Great Related Chain

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I think the word your looking for is "Chicken" or perhaps "Elephant"
we all know Elephants taste like chicken right?

@Eclpse: Sure they do *pats head* They most certainly do...

No one can tell, aliens taste like nothing else, their taste is completely... alien.

*Tries alien* Tastes like napalm in the morning...

How do you know what napalm tastes like?

I drink it *DUH!*

I drink vinegar, lots of and lots of vinegar.
I neutralise it with sodium bicarbonate afterwards

Cool story bro! Tell us all about that vinegar!

I'd also like to hear about the Vinegar.

Do we get french fries with said vinegar?

*drools* I want french fries with vinegar...

I would also enjoy some hamburgers with these fries

I would enjoy a Wendy's baconator right now...or a Five Guys burger...


Both would be way to many calories.

Not to mention I live in Five Guys or Wendys for me :'(

Revolt against your government, Tizzy!

Your citizens deserve both!

OF COURSE! *your avatar now fit's our post*

I demand 2 ltr bottles of Dr Pepper to be sold here and open a Wendy's and Five Guys everywhere!

Five Guys allows free refills.

The more Dr. Pepper, the better.

Five Guys, one thing I remember about them is ordering a large fries...good lord, fries! fries everywhere!

The Medium is enough to feed my entire family.
I can't imagine how large a large would be...

Imagine opening the bag and having to shuffle through a mountain of fries just to find your burger...

I do

And it is glorious!

Though I haven't eaten much the past 2 days...

I'm a total glutton when I am hung over...

When the munchies hit, the munchies hit hard!

Hopefully, I didn't eat too much...

You did, but apparently you can eat all you want and nothing changes

Like Kirby!

I f**king love Kirby! Can you believe my dad has a tattoo of Kirby and Gir (Invader Zim) On his leg, Kirby for me, Gir for my sister!

That sounds pretty bad@$$

My dad played Counter Strike and Warcraft III!

My dad used to play games years ago, he mostly uses his bookreader, but he does play his DSi sometimes.

My mom only plays point and click, hidden object computer games.
Sometimes she'll also play a bejeweled clone.

My mom play nothing, prefering to watch crime drama.

How many series of crime drama can there possibly be?

Surely they'd have to run out of ways to kill people, right?

Evidently not...

I want to make my own series...

It'd be hilarious! With jokes and everything!

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