The Great Related Chain

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You? Joking? I find that highly suspect...

You, Doctor, are highly suspicious. Perhaps YOU are the villain!

*Gasp* What a twist!

I hated that Avatar movie, and I didn't even go see it!

It wasn't worth seeing...

Those who never saw it (Like me) will be thankful to the people who did watch it and tell us how bad it was.

You know what was a decent movie though? The Campaign

We all know that one scene that people wanted to see...

Never heard of the movie (too tired to go to wikipedia)

Will Ferrell punching a baby

I kid you not, that actually happens!

It's not nice to punch a baby.

Stealing candy from them is fine though.

But you have to be sneaky about it, so the mother doesn't catch you.

Unless it's the Walking Dead mother, then all bets are off

Never seen the Walking Dead but 9gag ruined pretty much everything about it (Like Big Bang Theory)

I like both 9gag and reddit

I am truly neutral!

I like 9gag too (never been to reddit) but the amount of spoiled scenes in truly remarkable (the community also sucks balls)

Both sites have their evil and good sides...

Like Jedi and Sith!

I used to have play lightsabers...they kicked ass...

Lightsabers still are awesome


It'd be awesome to have a jet-pack too

A lightsaber battle with jetpacks...Call Lucas Arts!

Lucas Arts won't make that game,
they stopped making awesome things a while ago.

But Obsidian made awesome things

Like Fallout: New Vegas!

I love Fallout New Vegas!...too bad it is busted beyond repair (they really should have actually finished it) even with patches.

Patches can sometimes make things worse.

I hate when this get worse!

Like the economy


I love hilarious pictures during the election times!

Team Rocket...
I never thought of it that way.

They were pretty ineffective at their job

They should have been fired!

It's weird they were actually good before Ash came into the picture.
Why do they want Pikachu so badly anyway?
He's not particularly rare or special.

I recall them wanting it to power some generator...


Just like the ending of Lost! (so I hear)

But after the generator episode, they kept trying.

They're persistent

And stupid

Maybe they're filled with stupid pills!

I have crazy pills *takes some*

Did you bring enough to share?

But of course! *hands out crazy pills*

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