The Great Related Chain

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This game just got a lot more interesting.
I hope the crazy infects the rest of the site.
We need a nice healthy dose of good crazy.

We're the only sane ones here

Let's introduce a little anarchy to this site...

:D take pride in such drivel?

Blessed be, those who are mad, praise be the mad god!

All hail.




And crackers!

And money!

I feel like Oprah, just giving everybody stuff

Just make sure you don't SING like Oprah. *shudder*

I wouldn't want to sing like Oprah

That's just sickening

Imagine! Oprah singing the Captain Planet theme song.

Weapon of Mass Destruction right there.

But it would only be used for good.

The good of the few that is!

The needs of the few is better than the needs of the many when I am in the few...

Screw your logic, Kirk!

I got my own @$$ to save! :D

The need to save ones a powerful feeling.

Yes, yes

Let the self-preservation feeling run through you!

Self-preservation is for chumps!
*jumps into volcano crater*

How dare you, now the volcano janitors have to work overtime getting the volcano all clean!

*uses jetpack* No volcanos for me!

Let's go to the beach instead!

*Packs for beach trip*

I hate sand...

I hate the sun....

I hate the cold water...

I love all those things!

I'm not much of a beach person, more of a pool person

Let's go to the pool! POOL PARTY!

Dang it, I'll have to work while you guys have fun!

Curse me being a lifeguard ;__;

Don't worry! At least you'll get the stares of shallow teenage girls!
Or something!

Oh how I wish!

By the way, the taco will be going public... at my public high school!

Public high school is not a good place if you want to stay innocent.

They should make a high school PSA

Call it "Condom Style"


I seriously don't get how people hear that. How?

Wait, what?

People call it that?

And I was making a parody of it...


Quick! Pretend like nothing's happening!

That's hard!

*Hides in a bush*

*puts bucket on head and then sits on a bench in the middle of the road*

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