X you hate that everyone else likes.

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Forrest Gump. It's schmaltzy, contrived, pretentious, platitudinous Oscar bait that panders to American self-importance. As for others liking it? I don't give a shit. Subjectivity is subjective.

I know how you feel. Everyone in my family loves Forrest Gump. They insist on watching it every Thanksgiving. I'm not bothered that they like it, but they always try to convince me that I should like it too.

My disdain for Forrest Gump isn't helped by the fact that it won Best Picture the same year that Pulp Fiction and the Shawshank Redemption were nominated.

I still hate The World Ends With You.

Having to put up with the main characters again in Kingdom Hearts 3D doesn't make me want to rip their heads off any less.

Neku is Square's biggest asshole since Squall, Shiki's a bitch (so they're PERFECT for each other), Beat's "fuckin' annoying, yo", Rhyme's just as much of a non-character as always, and Joshua... well, having such a feminine-sounding voice actor makes him all that much more flaming.

Even if none of that were true, TWEWY would still be absolutely unbearable...

Wrex. His ass was killed in ME1 as soon as I got the chance, for some reason he just annoyed me to no end, even though the internet seems to love him.

The Godfather. Honestly it was an @ best average movie that I felt lasted way to long.


I hate hating things on the internet. Its just, so, violent. Seriously. Liking things on the internet too. Basically having an opinion on the internet. So many people seem to love this nowadays, but I personally hate it. I have opinions, but I don't constantly feel the need to either shove what I do like down people's throats 24/7 and DEMAND that they love it as much as I do or suffer the consequences. Nor do I like personally insulting or threatening anyone on the internet because they either like something I do not, or hate something that I do like. Despite the many people who often find that this is the ONLY thing they can do on the internet.

I know, totally weird, right?

Also, in spirit of OT: Nutella. I just can't stand that stuff, and whenever my wife teases me by eating a huge spoonful of it, I reach for the peanut butter for revenge :)

"Shove down throats". This is ironic, because so far the most awkward posts have been the ones railing against the idea of the thread. Everyone who is just complying with what the thread is supposed to do is having a good laugh.

Who said I was talking about this thread? I was talking the attitude on the internet in general. And if you noticed, I did make a light and compliant comment as well, involving just my hate of Nutella. So see? I made a serious comment/observation about the internet in general (not specifically targeting anything from in the thread). And a simple funny comment in the pure spirit of the thread. If you still have a problem, then I apologize if my post offended, but I still find it true.

Bruno Mars. I think his music is terrible dog vomit, but apparently others disagree with me, seeing as he's won a Grammy and his album has been in the Billboard Top 40.

I could care less if other people like his music. I still think it sucks.

And add a plus one for the "Liquorice is disgusting" brigade while you're at it.

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