Kill the Ant

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So the person has to come up with a way to kill an ant, then the next person gives a reason as to why it didn't kill him, and then tries to kill him again

You can use the most random and silly ways possible.

I'll start

The ant is stepped on by a boot

The ant is wearing impenetrable armor crafted by an alien race.
Killing this ant is a job for lasers.

Lasers cost too much

I recommend bashing it with a baseball bat

Baseball bat is a grass move, it's not very effective against bug-types like the ant.

You need to use a fire-type move like magnifying glass.

The armor is reflective, surly a magnifying glass will cause more harm to the attacker than to the ant.

Flying types are also super effective against bug types, anybody got a bird?

The speedy little guy is fast enough to dodge the focused sunlight avian attack. A new approach must be taken.

Light the entire lawn on fire. Let's see him escape from that inferno.

Rain is in the forecast,
Maybe he'll drown?

Ants can float

Nuke it from orbit!

Bye bye ant!

The ant was in a fallout shelter when the nuke was lauch!

I pour a gallon of water onto the Ant!

the water drags the ant along into a sewage pipe where he finds himself in the sewers, only to come face to face with a crocodile

The crocodile is dead

I toss a hand grenade at the ant

the grenade was to far away from the ant to kill it

Lets try chainsaws!

The ant just slips between the teeth as the saw turns. That ant is fast!


The ant has gained and immunity to nukes after the last time it was tried

But the nukes have caused giant mutant ants to arrive and now they're coming after him

The giant mutant ants were drawn off by the lure of a conveniently built local sugar factory across the street.

I'll kill it with over exposure to Tony Danza.

The ant can't comprehend what Tony Danza is or what he's doing...

Lets lure him into a fire with sugar!

This ant is a fire ant, IT ONLY MAKES HIM STRONGER!

Quick cut its legs off!

Its legs are made of titanium, though!

Bullet to the brain?!?

Too quick, it must suffer for its terror!

Ax to the thorax?

It's heated titanium armour would melt the axe as it approaches!

Send it to 4chan?

Such a fate should never be suggested..

Death or Exile?

Exile. It's our only chance to be free.

The ant plunges below the ice to the frozen river below.

The ant landed on a patch of ice which drifted it back to civilization.

I brought the ultimate anteater to seek and devour it!

But this is no ordinary ant.
This ant has super strength and easily defeats the anteater.

We need a super anteater for such a super ant.

Sorry they went extinct a loooong time ago buddy. No hope of bringing them back.

How about we hire every kick ass game protagonist and have them kick the ants ass. I will invited Commander Shep, you guys get everyone it. Okaaaaay BREAK.

Ants don't have asses. They have abdomens. Therefore this plan cannot work somehow.

Why don't we just spray it with Raid?

It's wearing an ant size gas mask and coated itself in a coating that repell the spray!

How about stepping on it with a metal boot?

We don't have the money to buy a metal boot.

We throw it off a cliff?

Ant jetpack. This little fella is resourceful.

Surface to air missles should neutralize the tango.

The ant is to small of a target for normal missiles.

We need ant sized missiles.

Unfortunately, ant sized missles do not have sufficient propelsion to reach such a distant target.

Damn...uh...should we do a rain dance and hope that lightning strikes it?

The lightning would be attracted to us since we're taller! I don't know about you guys but I don't really wanna have my brains fried by lightning.

Maybe if we just locked it in a really tiny room it would suffocate after a while? :D

The ant is able to crawl out of the room, everyone knows ants can always get into and out of places.

Napalm should do the trick

It evolve into a super Fire ant that allow it to resist the intence heat and fire!

Let just use a vacuum cleaner to suck it up and trap it in the dust forever!

the ant chews its way through the dust bag, ants have very short life spans, if we wait, perhaps it'll die of its own accord?

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