Kill the Ant

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This ant is immortal.
Banish it to another dimension.

Other dimensions don't kill things! :P (But can, and has remortalised the ant)

Strap it to a PGM, and aim it at an ammo dump... lots of explosions!

You didn't strap it tight enough and the ant landed in the nuclear bunker instead.
Send in Charizard and make it use Fire Blast, it's super effective!

This ant is sneaky, it won't be defeated by a silly type advantage.
The ant used rock slide, it's 4x effective against Charizard.

We need a real dragon for this,

But the ant is friend to the Dovahkiin!

I say let cover the ant in oil and set up a lighter nearby, burn ant burn!

You lighted the wrong oil and hit the twin towers instead.

Send in the TF2 mercenaries.

They all end up team killing each other.

Throw the ant into a nuclear reactor!

Nuclear reactor was shut down a long time ago.

Attack the ant with liquid nitrogen!

The ant is like the T-1000 and simply regenerates itself

Looks like its time to send it into space

The ant is well connected.
It has alien friends that give it a ride back to Earth.

Time for a planet wide war against this ant and it's alien friends.

The Pope and Barack Obama do a dance duo that ends any and all wars.

I shall use some anti-ant spray on the ant.

Whoops it seems that the ant was wearing anti-anti-ant spray deodorant today.

Blow up the earth in attempt to kill this monstrosity.

Nope, an Archangel rescued the ant and ascended him to heaven as you did that. xD

I shoot the ant out of the cannon and into THE SUN!

But a cannon is incapable of making the ant reach the sun.

But looks like a plane is heading right at the ant

The ant can leap several foots away so it jump onto the plane and got in like an action hero!

Have we trying homing missles at the ant and are built to detect that perticular ant only?

The shell of the plane is just enough to protect the ant from the homing missiles.

Let's try specifically crafted bug spray.

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