I want! I want!

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Pretty simple, person 1 describes something they want, person 2 explains why they can't have it.

Person 1: I want a nuclear bomb!

Person 2: You can't have a nuclear bomb because it could cause mass devastation and make your mother very angry!
I want a pot of soup

Person 3: You can't have a pot of soup because this is MY pot of soup.
I want a boat

You get the idea. So to start us off,
I want a turtle!

You can't have a turtle,
the tank water gets dirty way too often.

I want apple pie.

You can't have apple pie!
The apples used to make it were moldy.

I want a chocolate bar!

You can't have chocolate because it will stain you fur!

I want to be trained by batman!

You can't be trained by Batman, he stopped accepting teens as trainees.

I want control of this thread.

You can't it has a mind of its own.

I want more beer!

But you're in a no beer country!

I want some jello!

You can't, the jello was eaten 10 minutes ago

What do you want sir? Because I want some french fries!

You can't have french fries, they are too salted and that's bad for your heart.

I want Persona 4 Arena to come out!

You can't, they decided not to do an European release

I want your SOUL

You can't have my soul, it tastes of butterscotch and you're allergic!

I want Majora's Mask 3D!

You can't, Nintendo doesn't want to see you happy!

I want to get the new Game of Thrones book! (Number Winds of Winter, not Dance with Dragons)

Sorry but every single places that sold it including online are sold out!

I want some shrimps!

No shrimp for you! You know you're allergic!
I want chicken!

You can't, bird flu killed them all!

I want a kitten!

You're not getting one of my kittens! No sir not a one! *has 20 kittens behind self*
I want a new daddy!

You can't have a new daddy! They all run at the sight of you!

I wish for some sandwiches!

You can't have sandwiches, there's only enough bread to make one.

I want bread to make more sandwiches.

You can't have bread! It is all moldy!

I want Nutella.

Double post (not that it really matters here)

You can't have nutella, it's unhealthy and the kids next door stole yours!

I want eternal life!

Sorry but they were all out of eternal life and they will restock after you died!

I want your love!

Well you don't get it! I love one thing: myself! No one else gets some love!
I want a Hauppauge HD PVR Gaming Edition!

Well you can't have one! We're sending a dazzle "piece o' crap" edition instead.

I want a kirby plush!

Well you can't have one! We're sending a dazzle "piece o' crap" edition instead.

I want a kirby plush!

You can't have one, I have all of them and you can't have them!

I want a Happy Plush!

You can't have a happy plush! All of ours are sad...

I want a new poster.

You can't have a new poster, I've posted here before.

I want lunch.

You can't have lunch, you skipped brunch and you will be punished with no lunch!

I want dinner!

But it's breakfast right now!

I want a banana!

You can't have a banana, donkey kong says all he has are golden ones and they'll break your teeth...

I want to play crash bandicoot!

No too bad, the kids have died of chuck norris disease and crash went out of business.

I want all the tf2 items

You can't have them! You're character would get a horrible spinal injury from carrying so much crap!

I want a snes!

You can't!
They were destroyed by a crazed Sony fan!

I want a PS3!

You can't! It was destroyed in the fires of Microsoft fanboys!

I want New Super Mario Bros 2!

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