I want! I want!

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You can't have it! Too many have been made already, that one shall die in the shadows!

I want a glass of water.

You can't! It is tainted with feces!

I want a firetruck.

You can't. It's possessed by the soul of a angry fireman and attempts to kill you.

I want a pet Dire Wolf.

But the Stark family took them all!

I want a hover skateboard!

You can't have one! The technology won't be available until 2015 and they still won't work on water!

I want a ps1 game collection!

You can't! It is considered important to history and costs thousands!

I want a copy of Final Fantasy 9.

You can't have a copy of Final Fantasy 9, I purchased the last one.

I want to sleep.

You can't fall asleep! All the beds are covered in feces.

I want some chocolate.

I'm sorry but you got daagnose with lactose intolerance!

I want some chocolate ice cream!

You can't have it because it's actually thinly disguised faeces!
I want a parrot.

You can't have a parrot, this pet store only has lizards.
I want a lizard.

You can't, seems that the pet store went out of business because they couldn't sell enough lizards.
I want to not have mental breakdowns.

You can't NOT have mental breakdowns! Your life is too stressful!

I want to finish Kingdom Hearts 3D (the last boss is a bitch)

Sorry but you game is corrupted and the data is forever lost!

I want a danm good pizza!

Well you can't have one! Unfortunately we're out of our "Damn Good" range, would you like a "Ungodly Terrible" pizza instead?

I want some super glue!

Sorry but due to the MLP:FiM fandom, they no longer kill horse meaning no more suer glue.

I want a banoffee muffin!

You can't, it's made by people who can't cook!

I want immortality!

You can't have immortality, I just finished the last of it.
I want the power to control every form of energy in this universe.

You can't! You'll kill everyone and everything!

I wish to be secluded.

You can't be secluded because Badger Team 6 will always find you.

I want a dirigible.

You can't! Because of the Hindenburg!

I want a Ziggy!

YOU CAN'T! Ziggy is my cat!

(seriously, my cat is called Ziggy, how weird!)

I want a gun >:)

You can't have one, I sold them all to bad people for a mountain of jelly beans. Now the jelly beans are all gone and there is only regret. And I am fat.

I want a tank!

You can't because the tank has sunken into a giant tank OF TANKS!

I want that cake!

You can't, you'll get fat like Barbas!

I want a Skittles house.

You can't, the Board of Safety has deemed it unsafe and condemned it.

I want liquid Science.

You can't! Science's melting point is too high for us.

I want to be the one who shot JFK!


I want to save the galaxy.

You can't, The Empire already effectively did that by bringing us Peace and Order. All Hail The Empire.

I want to grow a mushroom forest.

You can't! Mushrooms AREN'T TREES YOU IMBECILE!

I want to be able to take my chinchillas to work.

You can't, as they would see the terrible conditions of the common man and start a violent revolt against your oppressors, only to die in vain against the superior opposition.

I want to finish thi

You can't, I've sent invisible pixel men with white paint and brushes to ruin it for everyone.

I want a commission.

Gonna have to gave me LOADSAMONEY, and you can't because you ain't got nuffink.

I want out of this gutter.

You can't because it's a hard-knock life and daddy already spent all the welfare money on whiskey and jelly beans.

I want to be the very best.

You can't, child. Garry will always be better than you.

I want to be your dog.

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