The great avatar battle of death... how they die? You decide...!

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I'll give you a hand... And that's about all I can do...

I shall lick thee's hand until they die!

My sword

Your chest

That's math!

You appear to have stabbed me...


Drown you with money!

But the thing is...


I shall throw apples at you until you die!
This may take a while.

*glares at everyone*

Behold my reptilian eyes!

Behold my cute cats! *you die from exposure to cuteness*

Behold, my boat!

*Smashes cat with a boat*

MEDIC! for Tizzy!

*throws blocks of cheese at Taco*

I shall beat you to death with a small spoon.
Since I do have neither hands nor arms, nor the capability to mover terribly fast on land, this might take some time.

Death by a brick to the head!

Death by a brick to the head!

You get extra point for including south park.

I shall lie on him, tus crushing ze puny cat.
And if he dies, he dies.

Death by a falling penny.

Death by television!

Watch the horrible reality shows and feel your brain MELT

I like shitty reality shows... Bah ha ha ha ha.

Get him into SurvivorTM and abandon the entire cast on the island!
I'm sure he'll die eventually.

I'd be fine, now if you combined Survivor and the game Manhunt... than things get interesting.

Death by snoo snoo.

The pleasures of the flesh will eventually betray you

Good thing I don't have flesh...

I get hobbes to eat him, or I dance him to death.

Make him drink so much beer he dies of intoxication.

I'll poke you in the other eye, you'll be blind!

Oh NO!
I'm blind!
I shall swing my sword at the air in panic to see if I hit something!


Lots of guns...


I'll eat you guns, I'd rather not try and eat a sword though...

I'd set it on fire with molotovs and flamethrowers

More flames, more fun!

I just kill you.
Can't be plainer than that.

I'm one of the lords of hell.

There isn't a weak stone lodged in my forehead, and is you hit it, it won't shatter.

Hit it with my giant warhammer AND my lightning sword


Well he's standing on the edge of a cliff so... A slight push.

*steps on Kal*

Ugh, what a mess, now I have to wipe it off.

*Lassos your tile, swings up before digging two small daggers into your back. Using the daggers, I climb up your back until I get to your neck. I inject with with a concoction of Mentos and diet coke. You explore and I ride the fizzy waves to satisfaction*

You explore

Where should I explore? ;p


You explore

Where should I explore? ;p

Rofl - I fail.
You may have the honour of slaughtering me for such a silly typo.

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