And knowing is half the battle....

You are a character from an 80s action cartoon show and your latest adventure is now over. Time to teach kids an important life lesson. Create your best random safety PSA.

Remember kids, always eat your spinach to help your colon. Yay colon!
The more you know kids~
Reference to Fairy Oddparents.

It's perfectly okay to leave home and force small animals to fight against their will.
The hard work will make them stronger in the end!

Pokemon wasn't an 80s show, but I feel it works anyway.

remember kids if someone is dissagreeing with you its perfectly ok to challenge them to a match to the death!

Remember kids! Blu-Ray is nothing but a gimmick compared to Good ol' American DVD's!

Remember kids, those tumble dryers could break your bones if you take a spin in them!

If you think it's cool to roll around in a dryer, you're really all wet! (shamelessly taken form good ole sonic)


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