The great level up thread!

So I came up with this idea shortly after repairing a pair of my trousers that, "sudden crotch ventilation". It was my first time sewing anything and I think I did a semi-decent job of it. I think. Time will tell.

Anyway, to the game. It goes like this:

Think of something you recently did or learned, and assign attributes, moodlets (if applicable, and yes, shamelessly ripped off from Sims 3) and achievements for it accordingly. Then, post here in the format displayed for fun and profit. Example below:

Idsertian level up!

Skills learned:
Basic sewing, level 1.
One-thread knotting, level 1.
Needle threading, level 2.

Crick in the neck: -5 concentration, -10 comfort
Job well done: +10 satisfaction, +1 pride
New skill learned: +5 satisfaction, +5 happiness, +3 pride
Disaster averted: +5 relief

Achievement unlocked!
Darn it. - Repair your first item of clothing.
Just a little prick! - Prick your finger with a sewing needle.
Dude, where's my thread? - Lose your needle's thread.

Only rules are:
Keep it grounded in reality, i.e. things you have actually learned/done. No gaming achievements.
Stick to Escapist rules.

Knock yourselves out guys. ;)

EDIT: It would also be acceptable to post your current "stats" in whatever interests you.

Eclpsedragon posts an opinion in R&P for the first time.
Eclpsedragon level up!

Skills Learned:
Debate, level 1.
Anger Management, level 3.
Source Citation, Level 2.

Stats increased:
Resistance to Fire: +8
Mental Defense: +3

Afraid for Life: -3 persuasion, -10 networking
Risk Taker: +3 courage, +1 pride

Achievement unlocked!
Victim of the Bandwagon: Has been run over by a bandwagon.
Toilet Cleaner: Has participated in a shitstorm.
Burn Her at the Stake!: The fire... IT BURNS.

SpartanXIII has recently started the PC Gamer tree
SpartanXIII gained a level

Skills Increased:
PC Gaming: Level 1
All-Over Gamer: Level 6
Woodcrafting: Level 3

Stats Increased:
+5 Defence
+10% Persuasion against PC Gamers
+New dialogue paths for PC Gamers

A whole new world: -5 Confidence, -5 Dexterity
Hostile Land: -5 Persuasion, +5 "Bulltrue"
SGDS: +5 Skill, +5 Aptitude

Achievements Unlocked:
Here comes the Jack: Played more than 5 systems overall
Toyota Prius: Play more than two current systems at the same time
WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?!: Done the improbable and try to combine Console and PC Gaming


Gaming - Level 11
Art - Level 6
Music - Level 1 (New)


Console Gaming - Level 8
PC Gaming - Level 1
Handheld Gaming - Level 2
Pencil Art - Level 2
Pixel Art - Level 3
3D Art - Level 1
Remixing Music - Level 1 (New)


Health - 84%
Attack - 55
Defense - 30
Sp. Attack - 0
Sp. Defense - 0 (+5)

Idsertian XP increased!

Achievement unlocked!
What, where and when? - Sent interview questionnaire to a mod developer.

Nerves: +8 Nervousness, +5 Anticipation, +3 Hopefulness


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