What Games are you playing now??

1) What games are you playing now? Name 3 games?
2) Any highly recommendation games you want to

recommend to everyone over here? Name it all, lol!!


1) right now I'm playing League of Legends, Persona 3, and Guild Wars 2

2) I would defiantly recommend Guild Wars 2 if you're looking for a mmorpg to play. Also I'm getting Borderlands 2 which I would also recommend.

1) Right now Sliver, Skyrim and Arkham City.

2) Recommend anybody to play Silver. It's a click-y RPG-ish game. (specific) But it's a helluvah lot a fun and on GoG.

And yeah Like everybody I'm getting Borderlands 2. I'll wait to play that before I recommend it.

1) Space Marine, Dawn of War and Skyrim (with 40k weapon, armour and race mods). Single minded, I don't know what you mean.

2) Space Marine is a very good hack and slash and shoot, unless you're so angry about the whole Matt Ward Ultramarine debacle that you can't stand the sight of them even when the astronomicon isn't shining out of their arse. Dawn of War is a very tight RTS and Skyrim from the perspective of a Grey Knight trying to kill as many demons, heretics and xenos as he can before the planet undergoes exterminatus is a laugh. So if they're the sort of games you'd enjoy, then you'd enjoy them. Decisive.

1) Borderlands 2

2) Guild Wars (1)

3) Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon.

1) Heroes of Newerth, Dota 2, League of Legends.

That's right, I have no issue with all three. COME AT ME!

2) EVERYONE should play Freespace 2. IMMEDIATELY!


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