If you had a baby with the avatar above you, what would it look like?

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Games in the title. If you where to have a baby with the avatar above you, what would the little crime against nature look like?

A rough smoking, grizzled baby blue cat...


A cat with a taco for a head....

Do I have to feed it anything?

A sea turtle with a taco for a head, rocking battle armor, and a gun.

That would be pretty cool. :D

An insane turtle doctor, who talks like Eartha Kitt

A doctor with a taco for a head

Apparently, the Mann company hired him right on the spot!

A cat with a shell...

Mexinyan cat?

Hooray for flying cat turtles!

Pretty much the same as my avatar, but with turtle meat inside the shell

Taco Bill

(Taco Bell)

The progeny would look suited for a desk job in the Military.

Red knight in a suit?

A Castle Crasher with a taco

Works for me!

Beautiful caring and badass

Goddess with a mustachio.

A blue cat with gorgious long hair...I love it.

Several multicolour cats skilled at awordplay. Awesome!

Several multicolored dragons, skilled at swordplay.

Several multicolored girls, skilled at dragons.

Several multicolored girls, skilled at swordplay, with the ability to breath fire.

A lightning pokemon or some sort of lightning lion.

A lightning Dalek.

A cybernetic goddess?

A mustached taco with a gun in an anime world!

A gun nut/scientist/taco monstrosity the likes of which the world has never seen!

German Castle Crasher medic.

Dear god.

Five German Castle Crashers with big swords.

Actually, that sounds just like the actual game.

A taco fighting game...

I'd buy that!

A rough smoking, grizzled baby blue cat...


Damnit, That really is kickass. We need to commision a picture of this. To Deviant art!

OT: I've down the punnett square thing and here's what I've got. 50% Chance of a Taco shaped cloud, 25% chance of tortilla, lettuce, tomato, sand based meat product Fallout, and a 25% chance of a clown stoner pyromaniac that works the night shift at taco bell.

A clown-shaped cloud made of swords...?

Castle Crashers ending

Castle Crashing to gain the Taco of Immortality!

An anime character with a taco head...

Well...this should be interesting.

An anime person with a hankering for tacos

Actually, do anime characters ever eat other types of food?

My avatar with a photoshopped taco head.

captcha: nitty gritty stuff

hmm... where do you buy your ingredients taco?

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