If you had a baby with the avatar above you, what would it look like?

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A nuclear taco explosion

So THAT'S what happened at Area 51...

Castle Crasher with a gun and a taco

That's the best way to live life.

A Castle Crasher anime character...

I can live with it.

I guess it would be a person... or something I dunno.

It's a... thing.

What IS that?

Colorful samurai (pizza) cats!

A cynical cat with white ears.

Ekk a pervert! *Water spell*

A girl with a mustachio.

A clue cat with lovely golden curls...

A blue cat dragon.

Dragon Cat is ready to fuck some shit up!

A blood god worshiping cat space marine?

Although, I think the blood god worshiping part is redundant, I've seen what cats do to poor little birdies.

Still, a gigantic cat destroying worlds one helpless soul at a time, fun stuff!

A regular church-going taco man...

that worships a blood god

A blue cat with crunchy fur?

A cat shaped mushroom cloud

A multicolor sword shaped mushroom cloud.

So many swords...but I think our child is dead...

A skeletal dragon of death.

An australian cynical dragon that hates people.

A happy yet cynical blue cat with white ears!

Blue Deadpool with cat ears, a tail, and the ability to fly. With Happy's voice. Now that I have thought, I want to see it happen very much.

Little insane taco-headed babies who try to eat themselves...

Mexican Bill....hmmmm.

Still the chain smoking grizzled blue cat...still badass...

A cat who delivers tacos for a Mexican fast food joint

I...am ok with that...mexicat!

A blue cat with dragon wings (instead of angel wings)
and the ability to breathe fire.

An dragon/ insect/ pony changling hybrid?

A pony with a cutie mark of a taco

Racism is not allowed there, however!

A grizzled German taco medic.


A taco who graduated college with a medical degree

A taco who no longer has a medical degree... <_<

A Neo-Nazi with a hankering for Mexican food

A blue cat wrapped in a taco dancing to Thriller!?

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