If you had a baby with the avatar above you, what would it look like?

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A stick figure cat...

Another stick figure cat, but with sweet shades! awwwwwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaah

An atomic stick figure.

EDIT: Ninja'd. I'd be a stick figure castle crasher. So the front of my school binder :|

Catsle Crashers!

I love you so hard right now.

Blue knight with a cat lady behind him.

A knight that in a schoolgirl uniform killing itself. Maybe the helmet will save it?

A cat with butterflies flying everywhere.

A suicidal, magical cat.

Suicidal Castle Crasher

So one that has just killed all of his friends for the orange princess. *Shudders at memory*

A heroic orange armored cat with a princess in orange beside him!

A kitty saint of death...

Words cannot describe the horror...


A very pale domino looking cowboy.. whose mouth was hit with a shovel.

A more handsome looking changeling with an even more deadly stare?

The horse? of death.

Oh one of the horse of the Apocalypse!

Noel Fielding most probably.

A badass looking cowboy cat!

...Some kind of uncanny valley survival horror game?

Some drunk/dead guy...


Oh god why?

A Mexican/MERCIAN Lord of death/freedom?

Somethings are best left untouched...

Evil Mexican Cat God of Death...


Fuck coming up with something else I choose the above statement as well!

Hell yeah! We make the best baby!

Taco Head, now with magical abilities!

A magical, non-euclidean, inexplicably blue, pissed off taco liable to stab you.

A black mage cat...I already am one...

The demon headmaster


A death god in a western musical.

Still Mexican Death Cat! No regrets...just awesome!

The resulting progeny would at the very least wear red.

Slender cat with a red face...alright...

A hungry, shadow dinosaur

(every baby me and karcentric have is always awesome)

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