What is the last food you ate and

How can it be used in the last video game you played? Please don't be boring and say health pick up or you eat it. Remember only you can prevent corporate espionage predictable posts. Use your imagination or at least steal someone else's creative idea.

Game: They bleed pixels

Food: graham crackers

Use: I think the game could use a ranged attack so I would throw the crackers at enemies to knock them back. We could also use them to soak up some of the blood making life easier on those who have to clean the level.

I've been eating chips and oreo's all day (I had a DnD gathering with friends). The last game I played was TF2. I can throw chips at MvM robots?!

I ate a raisin cookie, the last game I played was League of Legends, uhm I guess I could use it as a distraction or bait. I've been using jax lately so I could use it to draw people into my leap attack range.

A Bagel with Peanut Butter on it. I can use it as a melee weapon against people with food allergies.

Hmm, Prototype, with a chicken dinner...


Popcorn and Black Ops...

I use the popcorn to annoy the people in the lobby and get cheap kills!

Deviousness to the max!

Sandwich in TF2. This seems obvious doesn't it?

Waffles in Borderlands. Slap a midget.

A cookie.

I would use it in a Star Wars game as bait.

The dark side fuckin' loves cookies. :D

Chicken salad sandwich and the impossible game... a reward for beating the first level?

Tales of the Abyss 3D...they already eat spegetti so no change.

Well, last ate military rations, so I suppose they can be used in any game as poison...

Packet of skips in Kingdom Hearts 3D...POWER UP!

Tuna toastie in Skyrim. Well the toast made a lot of crumbs, they could probably mildly irritate a dragon if they got between it's scales while I bludgeoned it to death with a thunderhammer.

I might have a few mods on...

Pretzel sticks and Theatrythm...I suppose to recover health?

Wendy's and Hitman: Blood Money

I could poison the target's meal!

Ok I'll try.

Food: Chicken with Rice

Game: Riviera: The Promised Land

Meh, I will be predictable and say that like every other food item in the game health recovery but unlike most food where Lina gets her special attack with the third one she eats, you have to eat 9 of them and then you can use it to get Lina's most powerful attack in the entire game, an attack as powerful as a Diviner, which consists of her shooting laser beams from the food of course, I mean if peaches shoot blades...


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