Post the most Beautiful Nonsense to be created by Google Translate.

I Went and Did Something today... I used Google translate on a few Lines of Lyrics that I'd rammed together... And the result was almost poetic to read, as if spoken by a drunken man that also happened to be old English.

... Still sounded nothing like the original though, And I'm not sure it made sense, but it was beautiful nonsense

So I want to see if any of you have the same luck. Just Post The text that Google Spits out, and put it in quotes. Also Post The original in spoiler tags for anyone who wants to do the bonus rounds.

The sixth time, he enjoys a drink of lime drink, please think wearing too excessive, we were in the garden during the night, the OK. Their product image occurred to me, he is insane, in order to communicate with me, he told me to you. Equestrian seem like a magical girl. And at the same time, participants in the youth of Little Pink Pony, a feast is a feast of good. How the villain who has been endangering the lives of all of us the sum of drunken are. We 're you, but we at the same out of the city to the city of many things. As an example, or to try to start a smile from ear to ear, and therefore, why do you punch the ear, did not like the laughter of pressure. Will not be able to settle for less than the best, I will be able to discover in the world I Maximum number of pets. Gander style attacks. Hey, Oh. I got an echo. In order for us to share, GOT, We Got to care.

BONUS ROUND!: For everyone else, see if you can guess what the mangled text originally said, without looking at the spoilers. And, where the original word are from, (if anywhere). No need to post your guesses, but feel free to brag if you find out you're right.


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